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marc medina

that is one COOL picture! can you send us the link of that T+L article? i have friends in the philippines whom i would like to send that to.


Thanks Marc, we had a great time doing this story..once we got the air guitar thing going it was a blast..(then it rained)..I'll send you a few photos from the day.


I miss the previous and next buttons to navigate between posts. Where did they go?


Aiyo Sucheela, didn't even notice that. Things keep coming and going with Typepad's new and allegedly improved platform. I'll see what I can do. Thanks for pointing it out.


Sucheela - Found it. It's at the bottom now.

Kelantan Gal

Read your interview. Loved it! You should wander around Kelantan again. I know you went to Kota Bharu before, but there are other treasures in Kelantan that you missed (either that or you haven't blogged about it yet). :)

Hope you reach your goal to wander around Malaysia this year.

Rasa Malaysia

Robyn, so proud that you mentioned Assam Laksa and then Penang for one week. Love the interview, love it.

Now, I really need to know about that refurbished home in Georgetown...let me know.


Rasa Malaysia

BTW, is the Penang piece available online somewhere. Where can I get a hard copy of T&L SEA???


Kelantan Gal - we agree. We need to go back to KB.

Rasa - I'll post a pdf at the end of the month (in deference to my editors) ... unfortunately it's not online and I don't think you can buy a hard copy in the States though you might be able to get sb in SE Asia to pick one up for you.



Wondering if you wouldn't mind terribly if I used this in a post in support of a benefit for The Learning Farm happening tomorrow (Thursday, 10/29) here in Brooklyn.


Your name and this page will be cited and linked at the bottom of the post. Please let me know if you're okay with sharing.



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