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Beautiful descriptions and photos, which leads me to this question: do you know any good dim sum spots in Bangkok? You've made me hungry with this post, but I haven't found any yet that really shine...

Any tips, anyone?


What about duck noodles? Isn't that Ipoh?



Thanks a bunch for your posts, I've been keeping track of every post since this blog first came up. Now that Dave has a photo blog up as well, I can't wait. I love food & photography, great combo.


Gosh darn it! That looks sooooo gooooood!!! I'm salivating right now.

Stephanie, NZ

I highly recommend the Ais Kacang from "Gerai Ais Progress" (stand 27) at the hawker stalls west of the Central Market, in Ipoh. I had ais kachang there in January with at least 10 delicious ingredients - a mound of ice topped with taro coconut icecream, creamed corn, salty roasted peanuts, palm sugar syrup, then, hidden under the ice, cendol, red beans, grass jelly, evaporated milk, and - I'm not entirely sure but maybe these were - sago pearls, a light green jelly, tiny pink jelly-like balls... an absolute delight! Ipoh kuey teow also lived up to its reputation, being the smoothest, silkiest and best I've had. Next time I'll make Ipoh a destination instead of a transit point - especially armed with recommendations from this post - many thanks!



It's amazing when you see food and think, "oh.. that looks kind of good" and then you see food through the eyes of someone that can take a good photo and you think "oh wow! I need to swallow because I'm salivating so much..."

Excellent post!


I'm a million miles from home and miss the food so much. Sigh. I can almost taste the salted egg yolk in that lotus paste pastry.

And... OH NO!! That's so sad (the revamp). Why can't people just leave good things the way they are :(

There was a Foh San in SS2, PJ. Not sure if it's a branch, not sure if it's still there. The last time I had dimsum there it was underwhelming. I hope the new Foh San in Ipoh won't suffer the same fate.



Please, don't change a thing in your blog...street food is where it's at and I've always loved you/your blog for knowing that. I've been a (silent) EatingAsia junkie for at least 3-4 years now. Your style and intractability (is that even a word? If it's not, it should be!) are my inspiration, and garner my total respect. Keep on keeping on. Those of us currently unable (financial crisis "oblige") to indulge in the glory that is Asian food on the ground depend on you to live vicariously, downing, through your expert words and images, the exquisite savors in which we cannot plunge and splash (for the moment--I remain sanguine).
Thank you both, Robyn and Dave--you make life worth living! (And I live in Paris, so this is high praise, though I suspect you eat out waaaaay better than we do, in spite of the The City of Light's reputation!


thanks for the link.
nasi ganja was addictive right?

the original branch at jln yang kalson even more ...

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