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How lovely! Do you know if there's a way of making a donation to the school? This is the kind of thing I love to support.

Life 2.0

Beautiful pictures and wonderful post. Did you just walk upon this place? In the next few years, I will be visiting CM and will definitely visit this place. My friend was just in Mae Hong Son and really loved it.


very good and very telling photos.


OnigiriFB - Us too. I'm trying to contact the principal to find out. I'm sure they have nothing as sophisticated as a website but you may be able to send funds through your bank. Will let you know and update.

Hi Life 2.0 - yes, we just stumbled upon the school, a lovely surprise. We'll definately be returning at some point. Khun Yoam is on the Mae Hong Son loop and the setting is gorgeous ... you definately should stop there.

KY - Thanks!


beautiful photos

mary shaposhnik

Thanks SO much for this detailed glimpse at this farm. If kids have to live outside of families, this sounds like an amazing place for them. As idyllic as the setting sounds, it does make me sad... yet compared to their fates in many corners of the world, this does sound positive, especially the understanding of the vulnerability of girls. Thanks for posting this!


You really have an eye for photos, they are stunning pictures.


beautiful evening picture


This is great. It's always a pleasure to see such good things going on for the benefit of kids.

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