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Love the kerupuks inside the old style jar (the Javanese calls "blek") in the last pic as well as the jar. :)

William Leigh

Your photos make me soooo hungry! x

noble pig

Your photos of the people and food are absolutely beautiful. I love seeing pictures like this. Bravo to you showing us such culture. Thank you.


Noodle soup is my number one addiction, Robyn, so I'm always happy to discover a new variation - and this looks amazing!

Rasa Malaysia

I never liked soto, until when I had my friend's Soto Ayam. (She did a guest post for me). Of course, being a Malaysian, I am sure the soto ayam had been Malaysianized, but it was sooooo good. And it looks close to the 3 soto's you pictured and described above (no keropok, no eggs, etc.). Here is the soto ayam recipe, if you are interested. Very very good!

Rasa Malaysia

Hmmm, not sure if the link is there, but just in case: http://www.rasamalaysia.com/soto-ayam-recipe/


Really enjoyed the article. Love the photos too.

Interesting that Pak Sholeh uses chopped cilantro. Most soto that I know use chopped small celery leaves.


I am drooling all over my computer now. Am an Indonesian student away from home! :(

Thanks for the gorgeous pictures though! Glad that you can now appreciate soto. Oh yum....


Ok Robyn, now we need your recipes so we can make it ourselves. It looks delicious!


interesting differentiation of the soto available in Indon.

more accustomed to the usual soto ayam in M'sia, i'm proud to say I love the thick, dark and spicy chilli + dark soy paste they serve the soto with here, in Perak. (not sure how they have it in other states though)


I'm a displaced quasi-Malaysian college senior now in frigid Boston, and I've lived vicariously through you guys for most of my college career. You both have a vocation that I truly envy!

Just to provide some context, the sign above Pak Sholeh's is actually a verse from the Quran (55:60); translated it means "Is there any Reward for Good - other than Good?"

Keep up the good work, and enjoy beautiful Malaysia!



There Laksa too in Indonesia, you can find it in some Sumatera area maybe because laksa is malay food so Sumatera have it too (same ancestor).

But in Bogor (city near Jakarta) you also can find Laksa Bogor, I think its different with laksa in Sumatera, never try Laksa Bogor just hear it. Too hard to find these day even in Bogor :P


Soto Kadipiro is my fave. It's near my house btw. Now I'm hungry because of those photos.

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