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Whoa. Was a bit unsure when I read the title, but this really does sound quite excellent. I think.


Oh my god, that sounds and looks absolutely delicious.

I have some Japanese mochi things that you grill in the refrigerator. I might try something like this today.


Hmmm it looks like a tempe or tofu bacem. I wonder if it's the same one or not. I never ate them with the rice cake buns.

Love your site... give me memories of home and cravings for South East Asian food. You should check out the city of Semarang (2 hr north of Jogja) next time you're back in Central Java. Lots of good food to try there.


The way you described the taste and appearance of the tempe & tofu, I'd call them bacem (just like Vincent said). The rice cake sounds/looks like gemblong. If you take Vincent's suggestion to check out the food scenes in Semarang, be sure to get in touch with Rita (mochachocolata rita) to get some suggestions. I'd recommend that you check out SIMPANG LIMA at night... I heard that there are lots of good food.

The Wind Attack

That looks divine. I love rice cakes, and sweet and salty caramelized tofu or tempeh in the middle sounds like a great filling to this sandwich. I wonder if I could figure out how to make these at home....

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at the first glance,I wonder about the tittle until I learned that it was a rice cakes.that is so unique and they seems so appetizing!


Midlife Crisis

It sounds delicious but definitively is not a healthy food.

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