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Rasa Malaysia

Sometimes, what is best in Penang is subjective because there are so many stalls that do it so well. Haven't tried this, but my old favorite was in Pulau Tikus, a coffee shop selling just Chicken rice. Wonder if they are still around.

If you are going to Penang soon, I found a new Hokkien Mee hawker that has become my recent favorite. It's across from Padang Brown at the corner kopitiam. 30 minutes for one bowl. But slurp!


No doubt Penang is the place to be when it comes to food. I can’t believe I’m seeing these wonderful photos…ok gotta go makan. I’m so hungry now…

I compiled Penang Tourism Guide recently. Please visit and have some comments .. Hopefully I will visit Penang soon :)

cheers Ö


I'm so glad you're going to Ipoh! Penang food is admittedly amazing, but the food of Ipoh, my hometown, has been sadly overlooked in the international press for too long. I know you guys are practically locals for all intents and purposes, but you do have an international voice, so I hope you fall as deeply in love with Ipoh as I remain, and I hope the rest of the world sits up and listens!

Criz Lai

Wow~! You are lucky to find a driver who loves food. Kheng Pin is really a great place for good food. The other would be Eng Loh down at Church Street. They have more varieties over there. Unfortunately, no lor bak but you can try the Wan Than Mee there. The stall has more than 10 different options such as curry chicken, wine chicken, shui kow, etc.


Arrgh. I so need to go back.. not to mention that it was lots of fun *trying* to follow your footsteps!


Rasa, I think that's the case with every sort of food no matter where you are. We may be in Penang sooner rather than later so I'll keep that Hokkien mee recommendation in mind...

Hi Cyn - I do think it's No 1 in Malaysia for hawker food.

Hi Preeta, a couple Ipoh posts to come, but unfortunately we didn't have time to partake of as much of the town as we wanted, not this trip anyway. We did enjoy the ayam merah ganja at the famous nasi kandar stall though!

Hi Criz - love wine chicken so may check out Eng Loh next trip. Thanks for the tip.


Ah, the famous nasi ganja, yes, my dad was a devoted fan (and probably still is, but no longer lives in Ipoh, alas), much to the chagrin of my mother, who I think actually believed there was opium in the curries :-) . I am looking forward to your post already!

-- Preeta


I really should have eaten more Hainanese Chicken Rice while I was in Asia. It was always such a simple, satisfying dish-- somehow cleansing and filling at the same time. -X


Hi Robyn,

Love your blog, do you by the off chance have Mr. Goh's contact number?


Oh I love this dish so much!!!!

Steven Goh

Ya, this stall serve one of the great chicken rice. However, the comments of Penangite for this stall is very contradiction cause some said that this meat of the chicken is too jelly and not well cooked at all :(


The Hainan Chicken Rice in Kheng Pin coffee shop has new branch at Lorong Selamat - Mid Town Cafe which manage by the couple's son. The business hour is 10.30 am to 3pm and close once in two weeks (Thursday).

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