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Robyn - one of my favourite dishes in the whole country. Nice article! I never was really sure about the well water...got a sense that it may have been urban myth or at least that not all cao lau was made with it today??


That seems to remind me of Koay Chap in Thailand! Unfortunately the only comparable dish of porky goodness I can think of in KL is the prawn mee in Seksyen 16.


Thanks Sticky. For me it is a toss-up betw. cao lau and my quang. But the texture of those cao lau noodles is so yum.
I dunno about the well water ... the locals I talked to seem to buy it, while also saying 'at least it must be local water ... of course it doesn't all come from Ba Le well anymore'. It is true you don't see cao lau elsewhere (do you? in Hanoi?). Even at the central Viet market in Saigon ... there's plenty of my quang but not a spot of cao lau.

Hi Sean - it's really nothing like koay chap ... prawn mee a bit but the key is this isn't a soupy thing (just a bit of broth) and there's no heat built in. That comes from the chili jam. But IMO cao lau is worth traveling to Hoi An for!


The internet speed is making me very :S too.. gahhh


Only in Hoi An as far as I know. It's actually quite rare in VN for regional specialties to travel really successfully. I mean there might be the odd bun cha in Saigon or hu tieu in Hanoi but people tend to stick to the dishes of their own town or region mostly. I would have to go searching for my quang in Hanoi, for example.

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