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I love it when you can use all of a plant!

One of my favourite garnishes is celery leaves - in the UK they often sell only celery hearts or stalks with all the foliage stripped away and it's really annoying!

Oh and thank you Robyn for adding my blog - very much obliged :)

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Wow that is amazing post.I want to try those mixed with grated coconut and add other stuff.


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I am a professional chef but I have also taken courses in medicinal plants and is quite interesting to know the properties of each herb or plant.

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If you're eating in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, or Thailand, staying away from fresh veggies means denying yourself a key component of the local cuisine.

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Did you know Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos were under French rule from as early as the 18th century until 1954

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In Asia, the custom of eating food directly with the fingers is found in the Middle East, India, and throughout Southeast Asia with the exception of Vietnam.

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I was living in a country of Central America a year ago. I learned the simple but special kitchen.I always went every weekend to the market to get these herbs to give a great taste to my meals.

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While most people associate celery with its prized stalks, the leaves, roots and seeds can also be used as a food and seasoning as well as a natural medicinal remedy.

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We were introduced to turmeric flowers just recently. Isn't it amazing, the things you can find that are being eaten by the locals? Besides turmeric flowers, they also eat ginger flower buds, banana flowers, and even durian flowers!

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That is one of the great things about Asian culture. And they know more about plants and herbs and maximize its use. Things that you don't expected that surely makes sense.

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