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Brilliant. This post makes my soggy bowl of breakfast cereal that I am currently eating pale in comparison. I'd never considered traveling to KL for a pork roast, but now I am seriously considering it.


Oh, Yut Kee is a wonder. Here's hoping my January visit wasn't my last!

My Taste Heaven

I would try this roast port, your post made me so hungry. Just can't wait for my next visit to KL !


wow, you made me want to try it... hehe... lots of rich and famous go there, went there today, saw Elaine Daly and an actor from local sitcom-Kopitiam


Oh how I adore the swine! That crackling is such a joy to behold that I just had to comment. I can only dream of one day producing crackling as beautiful as that. Loved 'porky fog'. Mmmm, porky fog.


Interesting how pork-centric posts always seem to pull in the comments ...

Maggie - there are many, many other things (porky and otherwise) to make a trip to KL for, but any pork lover would be insane to spend time in this town and skip this item.

Stephanie - it is, isn't it? One of the city's treasures.

MTH- well, be sure to schedule your visit to include a Sunday (not the last one of the month) or a Friday. Or maybe both!

Vivien - I'm afraid I probably wouldn't know a rich and famous Malaysian if I saw one but yeah, I've heard that about Yut Kee.

Helen - yes, what is the secret to a crackling like that? I suspect it has something to do with the convection oven?


Apple sauce with roast pork. I am unsure if I would like it. Reminds me of turkey and cranberry sauce which I have never gotten used to. I prefer to stick with savory sauces on any meat dishes except for ketchup on a hamburger.


this is wonderfully lip-smacking stuff.
though some had not taken to it, judging by the reviews.

but roast pork + apple sauce is not something that's easily available, more so in a kopitiam setting!


Meng - I have never been an apple sauce and roast pork person myself (and I don't like cranberry sauce with turkey either, though I will happily eat cranberry sauce on its own!). The problem with the former, I find, is the applesauce is usually too sweet; it's like eating dessert with your main.
I have to say though that applesauce was just right, because of its tartness. A wee bit on the fork with a chunk of sagey pork was quite good. Some of the pork - and all of the crackling - I enjoyed on its own.

Hi J2Kfm - haven't seen other reviews. My mom made roast pork almost weekly when I was growing up, so I consider myself something of an aficianado. (She doesn't make it anymore because you can't get nice fatty pig like this in the US these days!)

But of course, as with every food - different strokes for different folks.


Oh my god, that's the most appetising thing I've seen online for ages (and I seem to spend half my life reading foodie blogs). Oh my goodness am I hungry now?!

Recipe man

this looks so good. i think the photos add so much. i must say with all the cooking programmes going on TV so few use gloves. and im so happy to see it in your photos..

i hope more people use gloves with food (and i dont mean at home ofcourse)


The pork at the top reminds me of Hasselback potatoes http://www.nigella.com/recipe/recipe_detail.aspx?rid=309 - you could serve them together for visual fun :)

Thong Kim Ying

real shame about the plastic plates....

agnes sim

wow...looks great..n ur photos is nice.

Vincent Wibowo

Oh my... they look so delicious. I wish I lived close by. I wonder if it's doable at home. Any suggestions on what temperature?


I'm flying up to KL next Thu evening - will probably be at Yut Kee for breakfast first thing on Friday morning: and order the incredible rolled pork roast you wrote about! Also going to look for that donut place in OUG you've mentioned in your previous post. Yum!


Kavey and agnes - tastes as good as it looks.

Meemalee - now why would I bother cooking pork roast at home with this only a 20-minute drive away.

Recipe man - the lack of gloves use here has never really bothered me, but to each his own!

Vincent - Jack told us 200C for 2.5 hours. I think the convection oven is the secret to that evenly golden, crackly fat.

Pete - please note that pork is not served till 11:30a! And on a Friday especially, try to be there as early as possible. They'll be finished by 1230p or 1 for sure.
Good luck with the donuts.

TKY - for RM10 per serving (that's less than U$3 folks!) you can't expect fine china.

Snippets of Thyme

Yep. wickedly beautiful alright! Yum. period.

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