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I've only had the green ones with white flesh. It's called "ba lak" in Taiwanese and is often juiced. These pink ones look really yummy in comparison :)


According to my parents, these used to be widely available in Malaysia, too, but have disappeared. I remember eating one or two as a kid in the '80s, even. I love the green ones, too -- along with mangosteens they're my favourite local fruit -- but I wish these red ones were still around in Malaysia!

I still enjoyed your post on Ipoh, by the way, even if it wasn't as extensive as you'd hoped. And maybe you'll go back one of these days.


Argh, only the white crunchy ones are available here in Singapore! Even the smaller pink ones can't be found here anymore, except if you grow your own. I miss eating them fresh off the tree...


Wow, this is very informative, thank you very much for sharing.


Hello wassup?
Nice story on pink guavas..
Have u been to Sitiawan, Perak?
I've been there lately, to my uncle's home.
I've noticed a very2 large pink guava plantations over there.. I really mean it.
I guess, it's owned by Golden Hope.
They seem to make a very big production of it.
But, I never heard of their products.. Strange huh?
So, check it out!

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