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Yum! That does look like a perfect hot summer day snack.

William Leigh

I am intrigued in the mixing of veg and fruit - unusual but it looks fantastic.


I particularly want mine the first way. Oh how I love fruits paired with salt and hot chilies. I'm drooling here.


I love this dish 'cause it really quenches your thirst during the heat of the day. Kedondong is also known as golden apple in the Caribbean. The orange looking "tuber" is orange sweet potato.

The sourish powder is similar to fruit chaat in Indian cuisine

There are many other types of rujak that you may want to explore :-)


Never try rujak tumbuk before, I will definately try this next time I go to Jogja. My favourite is rujak manis :)

Kelantan Gal

Since you've been in Asia for a long time and have tried quite a bit of street food, I reckon that you now have an "iron stomach". I wish I still had that. This N.American living has weakend my stomach...

But the daredevil in me risks it. Few losses some wins :)


If you're ever in Jogja again, I highly recommend Rujak Es Krim. It's pretty much rujak buah topped with es puter or the traditional Indonesian ice cream. Trust me, I'm a local ;).



Mm, looks fantastic! I love the Southeast Asian combination of salty and spicy with fresh fruit-- from simple green mango dipped in chili sugar, to the salty and spicy fruit som tums. Would love to try this dish at well.

And well observed on the Malay origins of the word Piesang! That's what a banana is called in Afrikaans, showing some Southeast Asian origins to South African culture. There will be more on Piesang revealed soon.... -X


Annie - yes, if you can get your hands on good fruit, can't beat it.

William - pretty common in these parts - Mexico too, pairing jicama and mango with chili sugar - and actually works better than you might think. Aren't tomatoes and cucumbers fruits anyway?

Cynthia - it is a winning combination that I never would have imagined until I encountered it here.

Tuty - that's what I'm thinking. A reason to travel more of Indonesia!

eva - googled rujak manis. Sounds like the peanut sauce stuff. I love that too.

Kelantan Girl - that may be true (about the stomach). But I think we are also careful at the same time as being adventurous. I have seen street stalls I would not eat at. Then again, I have eaten from street vendors that I first wondered about eating from, so who knows!

Souffle - yes, we saw those everywhere and actually had one without the ice cream. Next time we'll go all the way with it.

Xander - just grind up some of the palm sugar you pictured in a recent post with some fresh chilies, slice up some fruit, and you're good to go!


hmm maybe I can suggest you next time go to Bogor (not far from Jakarta) and try "Rujak-Asinan" here 2 choice : vegetable (asinan sayur) and fruit (asinan buah).

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