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Eurasian Sensation

Eating that stuff as a snack?!? Aiyoh, if it makes you smell anything like the guy who was sitting next to me on the KTM snacking on ikan bilis, it may not be so good for your social life!


The photos of her scattering are wonderful and lively. Love it.


Those will make delicious Sambal Goreng Ebi (Haebi)...


Eurasian Sensation - it's a bit like garlic. As long as Dave and I both indulge, no problem right?

Mel - thanks. Saw her doing that from a distance and called the photographer over.

Tuty - got a recipe? :-)


What a great post- I experienced dried shrimp in Thailand when the family we were staying with used them in her shrimp pad thai. They were delicious! I loved seeing and reading about how these little guys are dried in Pulau Ketam. Thanks!


Been reading your blog but this is my first time leaving a comment. I love your blog so much. Very informative and beautiful.

I've been to Pulau Ketam once but as muslim I'm having problem finding halal food there. However, the owner of the inn we stayed has a kitchen on the deck where visitors like us can cook our own meal. We bought lots of fresh seafood from the fishermen there.

Zach Aziz, Petaling Jaya

Linda Bain-Woods

Hello Robyn
Enjoying all of your posts since you and David officially left the work world.
Will you be posting about your experience at Naomi and Jeffrey's cooking school? Would love to hear how that went.


Very nice blog :)


ooh I love eating dried shrimp as a snack too! But the ones I usually get here are salted, so it is a really unhealthy snack. the flavour is so yummy

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