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Nova Harahap Bennett

We surely going to come here next time I go back to my home country... thanks Robyn


Robyn, the bean curd skin wrapped pork is called NGO HIONG BABI, which translates to Five Spice Pork. In Bogor there is a place that sells this dish and I can only drool thinking about it.


he only sells 3 dish? It's like the peking duck guy only does peking duck year round. How can it go wrong.
that fish looks really good even though it's stewed with flavors the flesh is still white and fresh inside. yummy


hmm my teochew grandmother makes that beancurd skin wrapped pork all the time, and it is called "kweh nek". it tastes different from the ngo hiong that i know of though.


Hi Robyn,
Love reading your take on food. I'm going to Bandung in June. Been doing some research and found out Bandung is like Penang - you know food heaven for indonesian. So, thought of finding out what you thought about the city and nothing in your blog!
hmmm...hope you'll find time in your busy schedule to do a project in this city and share your experience (and wonderful photos) with us...:-)


i am so going to this place when i visit indonesia! the food looks great

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