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but isnt Air Asia flights supposed to be punctual? I've yet to have a bad experience with them though.


J2kfm - you must have an angel sitting on your shoulder because I have *never* taken an Air Asia flight that left on time. Still, I figure that for the savings 1/2 hour or even an hour delay I can live with.
But on Sat our flight was rescheduled for 8.5 hours after the original departure time! We managed to switch to another flight (leaving 4 hours after our original flight) ... which left 90 minutes late.
I think I may give MAS another look.


Coconut AND cow's milk. I can swim in that. *drool*


I love Jakarta, and Indonesia in general, although I have been there only once.
I look forward to returning and visiting some other cities - Jogjakarta, Surabaya, Banjarmasin, Bandung, and Manado.


Jakarta isn't the friendliest place for tourists but if you know where to go, boy can you eat like a king or queen! Aah, it's been way too long since I've been back...

Deepak Bista, Australia

The picture of the dishes above look divine. I love the street food venders in Singapore, Hong Kong and Jakarta.
There should be a lot of write ups and promotion of Asian cooking and Asian Dining as it represents 2/3rd of the world population.

Fulltime Mom

Hi, the photo of the soto sign, AFUNG. Do you think it is one and the same as the bakso/soto shop in Malaysia. It used to be in Desa Sri Hartamas and since have relocated to Sunway?


ohh I miss those soto. there is also a stall in glodok - again I am talking about 15 years ago - which sold this amazing sup kambing (mutton soup) done the soto way but also with the same santan, acar, bawang and chilies. and of course kerupuk.
If you chance one, please try it and let me know the address ;-) I should add it to my must eat black book.


IMHO you have not tasted soto until you've tried soto Madura and soto Lamongan :)

In Malang (East Java), a roadside soto Lamongan stall is famously called soto "dok". Not because it's made of dog meat (eeeuuuwww), but because of the loud "dok" sound the bottle of soy sauce makes when the vendor slams it down after seasoning the soto. It is 100% beef - trust me.

I'm drooling now...


For the best soto betawi, you have to try the one in Jl.Minangkabau. Your cardiologist will hate you for it, but oh.my.god. The beef bits are fried first before soaked by the rich broth, making them crisp on the outside & chewy inside. It's so popular with the locals, you'd be lucky to still get a bowl of anything by 2 pm.


For Soto I prefer Soto Bandung for may favorite, so different with other cities soto. Hard to find in Jakarta, found one in Sumur Batu area.

Try google Soto Bandung for some picture :)

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