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It has been a few months since I last went back to Penang, and the last time I had this particular laksa was probably a decade ago. Thanks for bringing up the memory. :)


Robyn, I loved your article on Penang, where was it published?


Laksa is my ultimate favorite food.
And I can only drool here in Indiana.


KY- sounds like it's time for you to make another trip!

Hi Nan - thanks very much. It was in the March issue of Travel+Leisure magazine's Southeast Asia edition.

Saida - sorry! I feel your pain.

William Leigh

Now that's what I need for breakfast this morning.


Robyn, although I've been to Nan Guang for the assam laksa, I think the famous "Balik Pulau Assam Laksa" folks are actually the ones who were located in the Old Market - they've recently re-located to the spanking New Market (behind the bus terminus). Busloads of Penang folks from the other side of the island make a bee-line for their assam laksa there!

Deepak Bista, Australia

I have only been KL once during the International Congress and did not get around to go to streets but had few meals in the parliament house hosted by few ministers as I was one of the Malaysian Government's guest. It was an experience by itself.


We took your advice from yesterday and went to Balik Pulau. Even in the pouring rain (with no umbrella) we had a wonderful time. We had the asam laksa, Jim ate all of his and half of mine. We also visited the silversmith and got the tiny wok! It's going to have a place on my desk at work where I can look at it and fondly remember this trip!


Whaaa? After all the walking/grazing this morning? You guys are freaking amazing! So glad you had a good time and that the silversmith was open. I treasure my miniature silver wok, fish and spatula and all.
Enjoy the rest of your time in Penang!

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