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Sounds yummy. I prefer to parboil my Chinese wax sausages in a bit of water, till the liquids evaporate & the oil comes out of the sausages. Then, I'll let the sausages cook in their own rendered fat. The sausages will be more moist & soft that way - but that's just my personal taste.


Thanks Pete - but until I get a new kitchen think I'll stick with my method. Shorter cooking time. :-)


"Though they needn't be cooked"

I always thought that Chinese sausage was like cooking chorizo and needed to be boiled/fried/steamed to be edible.

See the label on this http://www.growcookeat.com/uploaded_images/chinese-sausage-743459.jpg


Thanks meemalee - I meant needn't be 'fried'... They can be boiled or steamed instead.


Mexico City : 29C (about 85 F ) at 10 pm last night.
You recipe coud not have come at a better time...


That's a relief - I thought I'd been creating unnecessary work for myself :)

I might try eating one raw anyway ...


Droelma - Thai sausage salad in Mexico City. That's a thought!

meemalee - I have eaten pieces uncooked. My understanding is that they're cured and thus safe? Though I could be wrong.


Looks fantastic. Haven't found anything remotely like these sausages in Korea. For some reason I'd never associated Asia with this type of sausage but as I'm going to china soon I'm looking forward to being proved wrong!


Yes there is another kitchen that is as hot as yours - mine, about an hour's flight south of where you are, on the western part of Singapore! Damn this weather. And thanks for a great recipe!


Question: do you drain the vinegar from the onions/sausages/cuke/scallions/chili before you add fish sauce mixture?

This looks fantastic. And I have most of the ingredients in my fridge!


Soon my kitchen in Hanoi will be unbearable but like you, Robyn, I will soldier on....with lots of salads. Maybe those green chilies are intensifying things ;)


I like the coca fresh plate. :)


I sooo enjoyed reading this!
Makes me hungry & feeling a bit artistic!
Thank you for sharing :0)

My Taste Heaven

I wonder how are these sausages taste? I love the Taiwanese sausages very much. Just wonder if they are the same.

las vegas

I have a stash of good Thai sausage in my freezer and took some out today just to try this recipe. Living in the Mojave desert in Las Vegas where it is already 100 degrees, this really hit the spot today. Absolutely delicious! This will now be a regular player in my menu. Thank you for taking the time to create such a high quality food blog. I come here often.


I've always wondered what else I could use Chinese sausages for other than the usual fried rice and bo bia. Thanks for the recipe. I will definitely make it!


Danny - I am surprised you can't find them in Korea. There are no Chinese grocery stores there?

Ling - you guys are always 2 or 3 degrees cooler than us! It's the breeze off the water.

Lor - I don't drain it, I don't mind the onion flavor, but you certainly could drain it and then add some vinegar to the soy/fish sauce/sugar to make up for it. The salad is sweet but should also have a definate sour edge. And original recipe doesn't call for soaking the onions but I prefer to remove their 'rawness'.
Yes, this is a great fallback at the end of a busy day bec we usually have all the ingredients on hand.

Hi Las Vegas - That's great, glad to know the recipe worked for you and that you enjoyed it! And thanks for reading.

Gastronomer - I think they make a nice dish with clams. Think Spanish chorizo and clams, Chinese style. I also like to steam them with rice --- just stick the slices in the rice as it's steaming. Oh - have you tried them with eggs? Fry them off like for this recipe and then fold them into scrambled eggs and top with lots of Chinese chives. Yum!

Sticky - I don't care how hot it gets, I will never give up my chilies!

Butet - right, that is nice isn't it? Good eye for detail!

Lesley - you're welcome.

My Taste Heaven - I'm thinking they're the same. They are a little bit sweet, pretty greasy.


It's getting quite warm here and this looks great! I love Chinese sausages but have never used them in salads!


I've seen dried Chinese sausages in supermarkets but thanks for the recipe to try. I've never bought them before as I was ignorant about their use in cooking.

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