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Great photo! Have fun in Taipei- haven't made it there yet, but it's on our list of places to visit while we are living in Asia! Enjoy!


Give China a second chance! It's no Malaysia, to be sure. Its charm is a rough one. But it welcomes you all the same!


one of the deterring factor that hinders me from going to Taiwan is the language barrier.

i'm chinese, yet i cant read/write mandarin. speak = OK, but not the fluent type.

but the food there's amazing ... street food, to be exact.


Enjoy the street food and please try the stinking tofu, i heard they're really good, even though the smell isn't very appetizing! I really want to go to Taiwan one day...Can't wait to see all the photos :)



Hi Robyn,

I'm a Malaysian now working in Shanghai, and am loving it. I miss home of course and all the glorious food, but I'd imagine the China today is very very different from the China of a decade ago.

My boss who's also Malaysian has been here 10 years and he says the change is almost unimaginable. You would need to live here to witness it to believe it.

I've been here one year, and already I see so many things change in this short time.

:) Enjoy Taipei

Fulltime Mom



that is a seriously cute stall-holder :)


Wow what a great picture, thanks!


Couple of tips for Taipei:
1) Probably the most famous thing to eat is the Xiao Long Bao at Din Tai Fung. I prefer the older/original branch for less of the canteen feel
2) Slack Season Noodles at restaurant of same name: http://www.worldfoodieguide.com/index.php/slack-season-tan-tsi-noodles-taipei-taiwan-8510/
3) Shin Yeh restaurant. The pork 'sandwiches' are fantastic !: http://hungryintaipei.blogspot.com/2008/08/revisited-i-still-strongly-recommend.html

Have fun, looking forward to the write-up ! and the photo's !


Too cute!! I love the picture!


If you are in Taiwan for a bit - PLEASE DO TRY THIS FAB LOCAL RESTAURANT but you HAVE to BOOK in advance. It has great food cooked in traditional earth pots and is really small but the food is VERY good.

Tien Tain
(The Re-creative Ancient Chinese Imperial Gourmet)
5 Lih Shui Street Taipei, Taiwan
Tel 02 239 43335

5, Lane 14, Szu Wei Road, Taipei, Taiwan
Tel: 02 27053308

The pumpkin pot dish is DELISH!

I went to the small one in Lih Shui Street, that also has many cute quirky connecting streets nearby

And of course, please visit Taipei's 24 hour bookstores (love them!)

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