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Rasa Malaysia

Move to Penang Robyn and Dave. You will love it. ;)

Life 2.0

How do you like Penang versus KL? Any thoughts of relocating?


Robyn and Dave,
What gems you have found, in Kwangtuck and Mr Woo. Thank you for sharing this.


I am sure I was there in the 70s! We used to go to Tho Yuen for dimsum or dinner. Their specialty in those days was "hoong-tho-meen", a noodle with a starchy sauce that was served with red vinegar. I didn't like it too much then. There is another restaurant a short walk away on Cintra St. called "Tai Tung" which had the best fried rice noodles! Penang food totally rules!


Tai Tung's dim sum used to be one of the most famous in Penang - been around for ages! Speaking of Cintra St, there's also Foo Heong, which was so famous in the 1950s/60s & I think is still around. I really enjoyed their yee fu noodles & sar hor fun.


Life and Bee - We love Penang, but we just moved house in January, so the prospect of another move is rather daunting.

ELE - Thank you, as always. Penang makes it easy.

Chris and Pete - Tai Tung and Foo Heong are both still there, I think. On our list for next visit. And Chris - I plan to see if Tho Yuen still serves those hoong-th0-meen. I love red vinegar and now you've got me curious!


Loved this story Robyn - looking forward to the back story on the store and Mr. Woo.

Susan Miller

My cousin's husband is Mr. Woo's nephew. Thanks so much for a a lovely story and beautiful photos giving us a taste of our distant family!

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