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Robyn, I wanted to stick my fork into my computer screen! Amazing post & amazing photos. Taiwan is next up on my list for food tour.

Also loved your previous post about Penang, which is my hometown, I always think of Penang as a gem, there are all these hidden treasures, so endearing.


Hi Robyn! Very happy to see your continuous coverage of Taiwan and all things yummy. Maybe you can give us some thoughts about how easy or difficult you have found traveling around the island? Milkfish is very Taiwanese and does not feature much beyond the Asian shores or markets in the US. Have you tried it in the ginger-soup version (just the belly section)? Or the skin lightly battered in potato flour and also served in soup? Just to give you some more reasons to go back to Taiwan!


Milkfish is the Philippines' national fish. It's cooked a variety of ways as it's a versatile fish. Be it fried, grilled, or in a soup, etc...It can be found in most asian/oriental (Filipino, Vietnamese and Korean and the big Chinese Supermarkets in NY) store/groceries in the US. Mostly frozen whole or butterflied but if you go to a Filipino store, you can get them deboned, marinated or non-marinated, all belly, or steak cut, etc...I think milkfish had always been grown or bred commercially (in fishponds)in the Philippines but most that you'll see here in the US comes from Taiwan.

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