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I thought they were some kind of crayfish when I saw the first pic :)

I do love squid, but the one time I bought some to prep and cook at home, they freaked me out too much and I had to abort the mission.

Andrea Nguyen

Robyn and Dave, I smell the charcoal fire from the photos. We grilled baby octopus last week and ate them with beer. The squid you have here looks divine, especially the tentacles.


Looks like the perfect way to start the day. I love how the tentacles get crispy and blackened on the grill! Never heard of using sugar on tomatoes, is it good? Will have to try it, ginger, soy and sugar too...

Jim Stuart

Great blog! Wonderful pictures, good writing and interesting topics. Makes me hungry. Eating Asian is pretty difficult here in Santiago, Chile. Chilean-Chinese is like American Chinese before Szechuan, and in Iowa to boot! There is good Korean though—too spicy for Chilean tastes. But we have great sea food. See http://eatingchile.blogspot.com/
Best wishes - Jim


I used to eat tomatoes with sugar every summer when I was still living in China. It's quite the summer-time after-meal dessert!


i've never had raw tomatoes with sugar, but spaghetti sauce or ketchup is essentially tomatoes with sugar! there's also a tomato egg dish that is on the sweet rather than savory side.


is the sauce for the tomatoe, a soy paste with sugar and ginger? Last time I was there, I thought i remembered the sauce was kind of thick? Or does the sugar make it thick?


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