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sometimes it's this small stall, unassuming, unpretentious peddler that whips up the most delicious storm.

the sight of the fried rice with chilli flakes is prove enough. fluffy, savoury goodness.


I have to agree with you. One of my most memorable meals in Taiwan was the seafood dinner that I had at what was basically a roadside shack in Kaohsiung with half a dozen friends. Everything was incredibly fresh and expertly prepared.

One thing you seem to have missed was bamboo, which I'm told is a real Kaohsiung specialty. We had roast bamboo and also baby bamboo salad and both were great - try them next time you go!

Incidentally, Love River was once one of the most polluted rivers in eastern Asia. They spent millions on (successfully) cleaning it up.

Oh, if you get to Taichung, you MUST try this place:

Rasa Malaysia

"...plump, briny oysters, shredded ginger, and thin slices of pickled mustard..." that's such a great idea for soup which I will have to try out! I love Taiwanese-style clams and shredded ginger soup.

Marcos Calo  Medina

I always wondered where the Taiwanese got this tradition of cooking bangus (ie, milkfish). Did they import the tradition from the Philippines, or did the Filipinos borrow that from the Taiwanese (ie, southern Chinese)?

A food writer in Taipei told me once they imported the milkfish from the Philippines back in the '60s, but I never bothered to confirm. Taiwan didn't have bangus before then (or so she said).

I remember eating that in Kaoshiung and thinking: Hey! Just like home!



Fantastic photos! It's like it's the actual dish in front of me. I want to reach out and eat them!


very cool blog you've got here! We'll be moving to Kaohsiung in just a few months and can't wait to try a few of your suggestions!!


Thanks Casey -- we're heading to Kaohsiung in a couple wks so stay tuned. More southern Taiwan-focused posts should be up within a month. You're within weekend-ing distance of Meinong, which we really liked as well.

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