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Wonderful article Robyn - as usual it is perfection. Jeff and Naomi are so very unique in their approach- they're national treasures!
Wish I could be in KL for David's class.


Thanks Linda. My job was made easy on this one, such a great topic. And I agree with you re: Duguid and Alford. They're also incredibly nice people.


Hello Robyn,

My wife and I are new-ish to KL. Thank you for your blog. Your posts reflect such a warm and friendly approach to food and the excitement to try all things new while also sharing insight into the people -- the cooks, merchants, hawkers, servers -- behind the food.

Coincidentally, we have a foodie friend visiting from SF next month. Would love to find a class like this here in KL or a real hands on food tour to share with her. Any recommendations? Have you and David ever thought of doing this sort of thing?

Rasa Malaysia

Do you know that there is absolutely no cooking class in Penang, other than the "demo" at a couple beach hotels? I have many readers going to Penang and keen to learn how to cook, but can't seem to find anyone doing that. So sad!

I wonder if Clove Hall or 110 Armenian would be interested in putting together a regular or even ad hoc class. Finding someone to teach/cook is easy, the tough part is a great location with proper set up and close to the tourists...

Jill Thomas

I own a restaurant and am going to spend a month in Chang Mai. I am looking for a longish cooking course (couple of weeks) that ideally would be geared to chefs or at least people who cook well. I have taken one of the tourist courses in Chang Mai before and am looking for something more substantial. Any suggestions?


There is now a cooking class in Penang


It is at the Tropical Spice Garden
Very hands-on, using only traditional tools and methods :)

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