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Eurasian Sensation

Ooh, what is this "bubble method" of preparing roti of which you speak?

Life 2.0

I just took a break from work and saw your post. It is so much fun to see where the both you are and have been by opening a the google map link. Just after your Taiwan post, I noticed so many other food bloggers traveling to Taiwan and even the Wall Street Journal US edition had a article about Taipei. As always, your description of yummy eats and the beautiful photos that accompany, is the reason EatingAsia is my all time favorite Food Blog.

Do you plan to travel to Mongolia or Nepal?

The Curious Cat

Gorgeous photos! That food looks scrum!


Hmm... That samlor guy looks familiar: http://www.flickr.com/photos/43334420@N00/2272614327/

Amazingly, I'm also familiar with both the coffee shop and the sticky rice lady. The former makes a sweet called khanom bork that I'd never encountered before: sticky rice and rice flour dumplings rolled in grated coconut meat and sugar. Simple but delicious. By the way, the street is called Nang Ngam ("Beautiful Woman").

Songkhla's a fun little town with some great markets and food. I'm looking forward to going there again later this year!


There's been dramatically less sticky rice in my life since leaving Asia. Thanks for the wonderful reminder. Love the stuff!


Eurasian Sensation - right, forgot to link to a long-ago Kota Bahru post. Look up and click the link. Thanks for pointing that out.

Life 2.0 - Thanks, as usual, for your kind words. Our travel depends heavily on what assignments we land. And since, when traveling on our own nickel, we travel mostly for food, Mongolia is somewhat low on the list (and it's a pretty fair distance from KL - if we were going to fly for that long I can think of other, tastier destinations). Would love to go to Nepal ... who know?
Next big trip is Sulawesi, in August, so stay tuned!

Curious Cat - amazingly delicious. Easily the best coconut sticky rice I've eaten in Thailand, by far.

Austin - us too (later this year).

Gastronomer - sounds like you'd better get in the kitchen and cook some up!


Another brilliant piece, photos and text alike. Your ability to share food experiences is second to none. Thank you for so many excellent, salivatingly delicious blogs.



I really enjoy reading your blog. You bring a fresh perspective to things I often take for granted in Asia.

For example, I realised after reading this post that in Singapore, where I live, I've never seen a woman make roti prata. Haven't seen a woman make roti canai in Malaysia either. Interesting.

Rasa Malaysia

The sticky rice is like pulut inti. Have you tried pulut inti? The dried shrimp floss thingy is great for pulut too but in Penang, we would do it separately, not together. My mom had this killer recipe for the shrimp floss--which I unfortunately didn't learn, but the good news is that my uncle who used to live with my parents when he was little has the recipe and he taught me--will be in my proposal for sure.


Lisa, you're welcome. And thanks for reading!

Thanks Marissa - Dave and talked about that over tea, but I didn't think to remark on it in my post. And I'm thinking back over all the times I've eaten roti in Malaysia and Thailand ... nope, never a woman. You're more observant than I!

Hi Bee - There's not much we haven't tried on the Malaysian peninsula. This isn't shrimp floss, but small whole dried shrimp cooked with palm sugar and coconut and lime leaf .... it's much more candy-ish. I'm a little ambivalent when it comes to meat or fish floss but I'd like to try a homemade version some time.


Songkla - so close to Samui! Still hope you can drop by sometime. Fruit is really good right now. Landsat might be best in Thailand and durian (from our neighbors and friends gardens - not sprayed) much better than what get exported to China.

Haven't been to Songkla, makes me more curious about going there sometime.

;) ricardo

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