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there are a few Isaan restaurants in Bangkok that piqued my interest, this recent trip.
but sad to say, we did not have the time (nor motivation) to go all out for them.

what loss.

Rasa Malaysia

My aunt loved going to Hat Yai while I was growing up. There are a lot of mini vans that take Penangites up north since it's a day trip. She would always buy these chicken back (grilled and fried) when she comes back at night. And then the whole family would rejoice and eat!


what a delicious and spicy looking meal! I love that you can fit in 3 to 4 meals in one night.


looks like my fav food chicken is such a versatile meat
when i walked from manali to leh over the morong la India is so beautiful
john at http://www.thaiexpat.info/

Daniela Restrepo

Looks absolutely delicious, lovely photography too.


foodhoe - that was 3 to 4 meals in about 18 hours! Not sure even I'm up to 3 to 4 in a single night...

john - I wish I was in Manali. Would love to do a walk such as that.

Rasa - I really think no one does grilled bird like the Thais.

J2kfm - Bangkok is not so far! Next time.

Albert W.

Isaan food & culture is really in a league of its own. I personally love it more compared to the "modernized" Thai food. I guess it is due to the strong seasoning and taste.

On a side note, if you ever would like to try something alittle different with great atmosphere, I would like to recommend you our newly opened Princess Terrace Pub & Restaurant that overlooks the beautiful Chao Phraya river. You won't regret it =)

Sawadee cup!

Albert W.

Tristar Floating Restaurant
Princess Terrace Pub & Restaurant

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