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As a Muslim in Malaysia (and a highly liberal one at that i.e. I consume alcohol, eat at non-halal places, have premarital sex, hardly have any muslim friends, and educated abroad ), I am so disappointed in this post, and especially the comments. Not once has any attempt been made to understand the nature of the religion, of the concept of 'iman'.

That aside, I wonder, if in another country it is the law that all blue-eyed persons are shot, should it be the law applicable in all other countries?

I find it so strange and shameful that in this day and age, Muslims and Malays are being attacked even on food blogs. It doesnt matter if a bunch of Muslims (I am not Malay by the way) conduct their ways in a non-Muslim manner. The point is it is a non-Muslim manner. Unfortunately it is a Muslim country, (for those who wish to begin a revolution to change this to a secular state or a state which is not known by its religion, thats another story altogether), and as such, certain measures are taken to preserve the Muslim lifestyle.

I never realised that Malaysia segregates food for the purpose of being disrespectful to other religions or acting insane. I never knew that non-Muslims are so unhappy with the halal eateries even though there are plenty non-halal eateries.

Well, maybe one day Islam will diminish and all Muslims may be persecuted into eating at non-halal eateries. For the greater good right? Seeing how it makes everyone happier.


Nerdy - thanks for your comment, but I suggest you reread the post -- and most of the comments -- without that big chip on your shoulder.

The post does not 'attack' Muslims or Malays, it simply asks why is it one way here in Malaysia and another in Malaysia's neighboring countries, and makes the observation that the beautiful fusion of cultures and religions that resulted in Peranakan cuisine is unlikely to be repeated under current circumstances.

I hoped to provoke discussion with the post, and I did. Unfortunately, despite your self-professed 'liberal'ity you seem to have a problem with people expressing their views.

Neither I nor any of the commenters expressed a wish to 'persecute' Muslims into eating at non-halal eateries but this begs the question -- why before but not now?

It would have been nice if you had added some insight rather than a rant.



The issue here is not moderates vs fundamentalists. Quite frankly everyone is a fundamentalist, being a moderate or fundamentalist is not the issue. American has a gigantic fundamentalist community. They are so fundamentalist, they take a literal interpretation to scripture and separate themselves from the rest of society. They are called Amish. The real issue is what you believe. Whether you call it faith or personal belief, what you believe is supremely important. After 9/11 no one was afraid of the Amish, b/c their beliefs are ones of non violence. The question one has to ask is why throughout the world there is a strain of Islam that eschews civility, plurality and egalitarianism. The US with it's relatively large evangelical Christian population that disapproves of many liberal things show a far greater tolerance than many of these muslim nations. Please hear me, I'm not saying all muslims are terrorists or crazed killers but what I'm saying is what is it about Islam that doesn't allow those who don't follow Islam to live their own way. I get it, Pigs are unclean animals, you won't eat it fine. So what's the big deal is non muslim people eat it? This is where what you believe matters and so it seems there is something inherent to Islam that is intolerant about others.


I refer to the comment posted by Cumi. As a Muslim, we are not only prohibited from eating pork and alcoholic drinks but anything of its variance. I feel sad that true Muslim have done very little to spread the true examples of Muslim way of life and let many of non-Muslim friends took what they see on the street as the correct way of life. Eating food without pork in a non Halal eateries is absolutely wrong as the kitchen utensils or the woks used may have been used to cook the food with pork or alcohol/wine/rum etc.
I believed that there are many ways that food can unite us all instead of selling non Halal food next to each other or Muslim eating out in a non Halal eateries as being 'open' and 'united'. Why must the Muslim who have to sacrifice their beliefs? Why don't we promote food which all of us (muslim and non muslim) can eat? Halal food unite us all. Now who's segregating us all? Pork and alcohol (and Non Halal food) I guess?
I hope you guys discuss this matter while referring to some valid muslim organization or individuals instead of telling us (Muslim) on what should/should not do.


Zat - thanks for your comment.

Neither I, nor most of the commenters, are trying to tell Muslims what they should or should not do. If you read carefully, you'll find that most comments by Malaysians are expressing a certain sadness a the current situation (compared to decades before).

As for what sort of behavior defines a 'true' Muslim, I'll leave that for you to argue with your fellow believers. But I really wonder if the Prophet would condemn an otherwise good Malaysian Muslim who, on occasion, chooses to break bread with fellow Malaysians in a Chinese coffee shop.

Selamat Datang di Makassar

Wow....this is my favorit. I'. from Indonesia, come check my city, Makassar. There's a lot of delicious food here.. :-)


I think in Indonesia selling pork not a problem as long as you declare that as pork, almost every big cities have chinatown and you can find it there. Also remember some area in Indonesia is not moslem majority (Bali, Medan, Manado, Singkawang etc) you can find food that make from pork or dog meat easily in that area.

In a lot of cities not only chinese that sell and consume pork, other like Batak, Toraja, Manado also consume it there a place that sell it even in city that moslem majority and outside chinatown.

Btw beside pork non halal meat you can find to sell in Indonesia is frog, dog, cat, bat, monkey, boar even rat :D

Problem came when seller say they sell halal food (or not declare it, people will think they make it from halal meat) but they mix it or even using all non halal meat (boar, rat etc) for cheaper cost. For this same reason cheaper cost, seller can use halal (beef, chicken) but not halal anymore because death before slaughter for chicken we called it tiren (mati kemaren, death yesterday).

Also another seller can make gossip that other seller using non halal meat (usually dog, pork and rat) to make the other seller bankrupt. For me if the gossip say dog or pork is ridiculous because dog and pork meat is more pricey here :D

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