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everything looks really good!

Laura [What I Like]

That soup looks phenomenal! The colors in those photos are just so vibrant, as is the food I'm sure.


Manali looks like a really cool place. The photo's of the people and food are fantastic.


Thanks all. Wish I could tell you how it tastes. Perhaps Dave will connect and weigh in at some point.

The Curious Cat

oh! I envy you your eating - every entry something delicious!


The photo from above of the man carrying the bowls of noodles is spectacular!

Andrea Nguyen

Dave, you'll have to tell me about the momo noodle soup. Mutton broth? Wheat noodles, mutton-stuffed momo, cooked sliced mutton and a green chutney? Ahem, you know I'm looking for the Asian dumplings... Thanks for the photos.

Rasa Malaysia

Didn't know that Indians have Chinese-looking dumplings with pleats!That's very eye-opening.


Andrea - I'll leave Dave to fill in the details when he surfaces in India or returns to KL, whichever comes first.

Rasa - momos are Tibetan. There is a large Tibetan population in the part of India where Dave is working these two weeks. Also - it's speculated that the dumpling did not originate in China!

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