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Are those goat heads?


Diana - That's my assumption. He's already eaten a couple mutton curries.


awesome! i've got a couple of friends who are going to the same workshop as well - can't wait to see their photos and hear their stories :)


Context does not matter with photos this cool. I am smiling at each and every one (well except the heads). The woman with the two angora bunnies - what color, what a smile- Supermodels- eat your heart out!


q - I'll tell Dave to look for fellow KL-ers (are they from KL)?

Heidi - yes, the heads took me aback too, but I like the composition ... with the hanging carcass visible behind the screen. Real life.


Ick, the goat heads!! Many years ago, I was walking down a street in Penang's Little India when I passed by a small Indian butcher's shop which was displaying a fresh goat head such as the ones in Dave's photo above (apparently, Hindu customers may purchase these as a temple offering) - had the biggest shock of my life!


yes they are from KL - vig and syahrin (i heard there are a few more KL photographers).

Kelantan Gal

Those rabbits are huge! Are they also destined for the kitchen? Just wondering, not heard of rabbit curry before.


Hi q, I met Vig the other night..funny we I to travel this far to meet one of my neighbors..Dave


I think these posts from Manali are some of the best photos I've seen on this site which is really saying something! Thank you Robyn and David from a homesick SE Asian


Pete - I think I know the Indian butcher you're referring to ... passed by his place just the other day! I'm less shocked by goat, pig, and cow heads than I used to be...

Kelantan Gal - no, these rabbits are available for photographs (you can have your picture taken with one or two) ... for a price of course.

Andrew, I agree! And you're welcome.


Great photos! I have a friend presenting at this workshop. Would love to visit that part of India.

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