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Welcome to the 21st century :)

(only joking! )


I guess you're not such a bumpkin after all. I'm having a hard time getting myself to submit to Twitter, although I have wholeheartedly embraced Facebook. Have fun and maybe I'll see you on Twitter in another year or so... ;)


Ooh! Now that you've come out, does that mean we can ask for a recipe for that choi sum you mentioned?


Paul, you're not kidding at all! I admit I'm waaaay behind the times. As in, started adding Technorati tags to my posts just yesterday.

Goji - Done! Check the feed.


Wow! Ask in NYC. Receive from the other side of the world in real time. Pretty cool, huh? Many thanks!


Goji - it's the miracle of Twitter. :-)


Hey Robyn, what's your twitty kitty's name?


Linda - I'm not really up on tech speak (to put it mildly) - is that a special twitter term? Or do you mean how can you find me on Twitter? I'm EatingAsia (Robyn Eckhardt).


I think i'm with David on this one! And this is coming from a 30+ fairly tech knowledgeable person. LOL!


Oh Robyn....
I wanted to know the name of your cat in your Twitter pic (Twitty Kitty). Forgive my lame attempt at Twitter humour!


Linda - pardon my dense-ness! His name is PJ, for Petaling Jaya (a KL suburb), where we found sick and skinny, by the wet market. He's a terror. :-)


Hey Robyn
He obviously loves you - unusual that he sits on your shoulder. Does he like to go on motorbikes in KL? I have so many pics of cats - KL cats the cats of the Alhambra and on and on it goes...

Rasa Malaysia

The problem I have with new social media is that it ultimately becomes a job, an obligation, a daily chore that you have to constantly tune in to, update, invest,and maintain. In some way, it complicates things because life could be a lot simpler without having to deal with all these mediums, but then it's also helpful and fun. That's the very reason why my hubby never got into all this, and he seems to be just always watching TV while I am constantly online. So, pick your poison. ;)


Linda-That was just a couple days after we got him, still sick and in 'need a mommy' mode. He's more independent now. But still a great addition to the family!
We too - pics of cats. More dogs than cats on motorbikes though!

Rasa - It's only an obligation if you let it be one. Other than Obama and other heads of state I don't believe there is anyone who NEEDS to be connected 24 hours a day.

And that's while I'll never Tweet, email, or Facebook from a handheld device. If I'm not at my laptop I'm not online, period. And I've taken to turning off the wireless when I'm at my computer just so I can get work done and not be distracted by other stuff.

It can all be a real time- sucker/time-waster!

Eleanor Hoh (WokStar)

Robyn and Dave, I LOVE your blog. My mom was born in S'pore and Dad from Malacca. It's overwhelming to see so many AMAZING food blogs on Asia. I can't keep up. Keep saying it but all this just shames me into blogging more often. I have photos from 2 years ago of Penang and S'pore, still not posted yet. So, this should spur me on!

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