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This is a wonderful place!
Greetings from Bucharest!


This place sounds awesome. What sort of coffee are they using here, and are they pulling it through a coffee sock? Is one cup made at a time, or do they pull a few cups and keep it warm in the kettle on a stove? Do you know a supplier/shop in Penang where I can buy the coffee sock and jugs? Apologies for all the questions, but I'm thinking of selling this style of coffee in the London, because starbucks sucks! Iv'e got a friend travelling through Penang in a month, and I want to send them to pick up all the 'tools' of the trade.
Love your pictures as always.


Thanks mononoke. Wondering - how is the coffee in Bucharest?

Luckyfatluke - Did we communicate awhile ago about Viet coffee? Anyway ... I'm sure you can find the sock filters at a kitchen supply place anywhere in Malaysia, though I can't direct you to any one in particular. Have your friend ask around. Toon Leong sells its coffee powder by the half kilo, so your friend could pop in for some. Tell you friend to stop by Campbell Street market, there is a stall outside on Carnavon selling coffee and he/she can observe the process. It's not exactly one cup made to order but it's not the vendor pulling each cup from a huge premade vat, either. If your friend is in Kuala Lumpur he/she can also pick up excellent coffee powder at Yut Kee coffeeshop on Jalan Dang Wangi (and observe the process there).


Yeah it was probably me, I've got the Cafe Sua Da sorted now!
Thanks for the advice such a great help, thanks so much. I'll let you know how it turns out.


So many tips for the next trip to Penang, that's great !! :)


I was there once with my cousin. The coffee was to die for but the pohpia was terrible. The mee goreng wasn't too shabby. Would definitely go back there again just to have a cup and sit back. Wish I was back.

paul Quinn

Had great coffee many times here !


By sheer coincidence I recognised the shop from Dave's picture as I have been there only once.I was taken there by my brother-in-law in January specifically for Nasi Kandar.The Nasi Kandar was very good and since this was the only Nasi Kandar outlet he took us to this says a lot as his family has very deep roots in Penang.
I was truly unaware what Toon Leong was well known for.I had a cup of coffee, black no sugar with my Nasi Kandar and thought that it was so good that I bought a packet for RM10 to take home to Toronto.

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