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I'm very familiar with the Vietnamese Banh Tom sweet potato and shrimp fritter, but the addition of green papaya is an interesting twist.


Not being a Pampanga resident I know this as okoy (like you mentioned) :) These things are addicting! And yes, excellent with a cool cocktail!

Eurasian Sensation

Wow, would have never thought to do that with green papaya.
Interestingly, menudo and adobo are both Spanish or Latin American dishes, although the Filipino versions undoubtedly have their local spin.


Fantastic photos as usual!


I thought I recognized the okoy! Yes, it's a delicious snack but for most people, its also more of a meal, paired with rice, of course. Those of us in Manila mostly use "togue" or bean sprouts, instead of green papaya. Sometimes I combine the two - delicious!

The Curious Cat

They look delicious - you eat such amazing food!


JC - shrimp fritters of one sort or another seem to be ubiquitous in SE Asia. I've had them in Thailand and Indonesia and Malaysia, as well as Vietnam and the Philippines. I'd have to name these as the best (of course, they were homemade) - but I do have a soft spot for the Vietnamese version you mention.

Joey - yes, kind of like chips in that one is never enough.

Eurasian Sensation - the Spanish brought many things to the Filipino table, including adobo and menudo - in name not in substance - from Mexico.

Paul - You know what they say about the need to be in love with your subject if you're going to produce good photos....

Barbara - how do you get the bean sprouts dry enough so that they don't make the whole thing soggy?

Curious Cat - I agree. And I'd note that that's 'amazing' food not 'weird' food. :-)

Life 2.0

I now realize that my adobo recipe is not authentic by reading your 2007 post on the Medina family kitchen. There is a "Finding the Real Adobo" trip to the Philippines in the next few years.

For now, my next trip is finding the best dim sum in San Francisco China Town. Any recommendations?


Great Blog, great picture anc recipits.

susan painter

for purely personal reasons i am hoping you write more about Chiang Mai soon.
thanks for all the great posts.


i think it's called maruya or yes, okoy. can foreigners please stop blogging about asian food and actually let asians talk about their own food. you have your own, we have ours. thank you.

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