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Great way to surpass the tragic event. A great reason to smile because they can still experience the greatness of the food delicacies.


When I was in Taipei last year, I sampled several beef noodle offerings at various stalls but did not even come near to what you described here. I guess I am not good at smelling out the better places to eat. :( Beef noodles is a dish I love and reading your account and looking at the photo of the steaming bowl of delicious noodles already made my mouth salivate like crazy!


The pictures and description are mouthwatering, as usual. I love beef noodle soup with pulled noodles. I had already been craving Taiwan's beef noodle soup for about a week now, and seeing your post makes me want transport over to Taipei. Stat.

Chin @www.poloku.us

Beef noodle soups are adored by a lot of Taiwanese people, it's becoming a very iconic Taiwanese 'xiaochi' or small eat, even though many take up the name "Sichuan" beef noodle soup for its spiciness and heavy use of Sichuan peppercorn. There even used to be annual beef noodle festival organized by Taipei city government where people voted for the best beef noodle place in Tapei (i don't know if they still do it).

Niuroumiao definitely has taken up a position of a whole new category of 'must-eats' in taiwan, it's certainly a lot more than just noodle soup with beef :)

Joyce Siew

i'm salivating...and can't wait my turn to arrive Taipei in November! Great post! Any tips for 'must-go' places? I love food. :)


Looks great again. I've been having plenty of noodle soups in Malaysia at the moment - they are so quick to prepare you hardly even have to stop to have lunch if you don't want.

Andrew - http://onceuponathyme.wordpress.com/


Hey,greetings from Beijing. I really enjoy reading your blog:-)

Pattabi Seshadri

Love your blog! Not enough people know about Taiwan, so kudos for spreading the word. I too am a beef noodle lover--my wife's from Taipei and I got hooked on it when I was visiting her family. I usually go to a place off of Min Quan, but I will definitely try the King the next time I'm over there.



This post will have me deep in debt and on the next available flight to Taiwan. I excitedly ordered niurou mian like this at a smallish Chinese restaurant here in Cape Town a while ago just to be severely disappointed. What was served to me was a bowl of noodles with lightly boiled cubes of beef. No trace of spices in the broth, none! I was so angered that I vowed never to go back. Although, a Chinese friend just told us that this place serves great food, but that they have a different menu for South African than for Chinese customers. I suppose that is some sad comment on the un-adventurous taste-buds of lots of people here. Thanks for these entries on this fantastic island, I really relish them.


Bordeaux - we have to thank you and Xander. His posts really prompted us to head to Taiwan. And we can't wait to go back for a return visit.
BTW - 'secret' menus are much sought-after in the US. It's usually a guarantee of some excellent, authentic grub! Send me a scan if you need help translating the Chinese menu.

Pattabi and Arnie - thanks! Arnie, you are in noodle and dumpling central up there in Beijing.


Joyce - I would categorize every one of the Taipei places we've blogged as 'must-go'. Stay tuned, there will be more.

Chin - you are so right. 'Beef noodle soup' is such a pedestrian name for such a sublime dish.

kirbie - hop on that plane!

bayi - I suppose we've gotten pretty good at sniffing out good spots. Either that or we're very lucky. Then again we're always willing to eat more than the usual three meals a day when we travel, so it's kind of 'if the first lunch doesn't excite you, try, try again'!


You are making me soooo homesick!

Robert Danhi

Well done folks, you just sealed the deal...on my way to Taiwan next year for sure...maybe later this year. Photos, as always, are spot on and you made me hungry.

Looking forward to seeing you both again soon - will be teaching at CIA in SIngapore later this year...be in touch. Thanks for the adventure!


Great post! I love Taiwan and Taiwanese niu rou mian. Can't wait to return soon and this time, bringing my boyfriend to try all of the famous street food Taiwan is known for!


these noodles are calling me, calling me, all the way to taipei!

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