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Libia Chavez

The black/deep purple glutinous rice is also grown in the Philippines. It is called pirurutong (also Ballatinaw in Abra a Northern Luzon Province) and is the main ingredient in making puto bumbong the tube steamed delicacy asociated with early morning preChristmas masses (the 9 day misa de gallo). There are other sweetened delicacies using this rice. In the Philippines I have not heard of it served as a savory dish, I suspect mainly because it is a rare variety and difficult to find although there are efforts to propagate more in recent years. Thanks for the pictures . Just dicovered your blog. Thanks


Hi Libia -- thanks for this and welcome to Eating Asia!
I'm familiar with puto bambung, we ate it at misa de gallo in Pampanga when researching a feature story on Christmas in the Philippines for Saveur mag (Dec 2008 issue). But isn't that glutinous rice? This is not, just regular 'un-sticky' rice. It was delicious.


Yup we are Indonesian, eating rice 3 times a day. We can not live without rice

Account Deleted

It looks like deconstructed nasi lemak!

mareno tene

I am fasting right now, so reading this post is not a good idea...anyway, just an additional information, Sambal (sambel) is pretty much a main figure in Indonesian food culture. You could find different kinds of Sambal depending on the area of which it originated. Up in Sumatra, they would use Durian as a mixture to their Sambal while in Java, it would be Mango.

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