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Possibly your best post ever!!!!


Magnificent! Wow! You can see the life, the colour the zeal. Congratulations on a beautiful post.


Agree, this is great blogging!


Gorgeous, and I love the mild humor - and the three smiling gents.


I just came across your blog. I was searching out for a shrimp recipe and my search engine found your explanation of dancing shrimp from 2006. I have always wanted to travel the world, but my parents keep me down. They worry about EVERYTHING. I really enjoy how you are respectful about asian cultures. And the photos and description of the foods - make my mouth water!!!! I do not live in a culturally diverse area but you've made me want to look a bit harder in my corner of the world and try to dig deeper into the asian cuisine we have around here - and trying new things instead of going for what I know and have liked beore.


Dave and Robyn: Will you please adopt me? I promise to be real good.

The photos are so amazingly beautiful!


Hi Spike - it is so interesting to see which posts end up eliciting the most fervent comments. Vietnam is usually a sure bet. Thanks!

50decs, fiona, Simon - many thanks for reading (or just looking). :-)

B - Do look a bit harder in your corner of the world. One thing we've learned over the years is that if you take the time to really look, what at first glance (or first experience) seems ordinary can turn out to be very interesting indeed.

Cathy - haha. Thanks. (You were great on Rick Stein's show, BTW - congrats!)


Love your photos - they are absolutely gorgeous!!! The street scenes are incredibly fleshed out!


I will never cease to be amazed by how well Dave photographs people. Missing Vietnam!


Your photographs speak a lot about what Cholon has to offer! I really enjoyed the tour through your story too!

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Very interesting photos, I think that all the cultures have many different and special things, thanks for the information.


This is a fantastic post on Cholon. I will be heading to Saigon next month and will surely explore this area with inspiration from this post and from the pictures! Amazing pictures, and I am looking forward to the food provisions.


I will never cease to be amazed by how well Dave photographs people. Missing Vietnam!

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Oh I love Saigon, been there two times and every time was excellent trip. Your post reminded me the views and the smell, thanks for the post.

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