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love the photos, and imagining all the food makes mouth water :)


Oh man! That raj kachori looks like a riot! It looks like there will be an explosion of tastes when you put it in the mouth. Dang! Delhi is a tad too far to go but thank God there is a vegetarian restaurant here in Singapore called Raj that sells it (confirmed through their website). I will definitely be going there this weekend. Thanks Dave! Great shots as usual.


Can I go along next time?

Lucie J.

Oooooh. Aaaah. Delhi. Food. Memories.

Great photos, love your blog, I read it regularly. Keep up the good work.


I am so hungry now, terrible. I won't be abl;e to find food like that in the streets of manchester that's for sure..


Soft fried puri + Chickpea dal = Bhature + Chole/ Cholay.
Mashed Potato thing on griddle = Aloo Tikki (Its the best potato dish ever).
Basically all what you seem to have eaten or covered in this post is what we call "chaat" - fastfoodish.


What a stunning post David, both in terms of the pictures and the imagery of your words.



Wow wow wow! Photos are stunning, words are perfect. I want to be in Delhi!

vanessa zinke

i have been reading your blog for months now. I absolutely loved this post!

A)Photos are stunning
B) The food looks incredible good and I wish I had recipes for such delicacies!
C)Man sitting near Vespa is totally awesome. As a vespa owner myself, this warmed my heart!

Well done!


this is an amazing post.... you not only fired up my interest in indian cuisine (no matter how fried), you fired up my interest in photography all over again. The streets, the colours, the shots, the people, the composition... it's *shiver* exhilarating. Thank you!


Delhi is such a cool place - so colourful. It is one of those places that I guess you either love or hate pretty much instantly... some get put off by the business or the smell.

Great photo's - really reminded me of when I was there briefly last year.

Andrew - http://onceuponathyme.wordpress.com/


Thanks everyone! 36 hours is really not enough time to do the city justice. I'm looking forward to returning with a real writer in tow to do it right.

For those that are interested I have posted some different images from Old Manali, Himachal Predesh, on my weblog
( http://davidhagerman.typepad.com/ ).

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think. Dave


I love street food culture. I'm from Korea, and whenever I head home, I'm excited about two types of food: my mom's cooking and street food! While I'm acclimated to Korean street food, how do you enjoy other regional street food without an unpleasant encounter with Delhi Belly afterwards? Thoughts?

Rasa Malaysia

I have never been to Delhi but I can totally imagine that place is a visual assault from your pictures. I think India is definitely one of the best places in Asia to capture people and street photography. I love all the pictures above. And I did get food poisoning on my flight back to Malaysia, too, but not from the inflight meal nor the street food, but from a tandoori meal from a very expensive hotel! As you said, go figure!

Deb Olson

Dave, no photos of you dripping all that goodness down your front? Make sure you let me know when you two go to India again...I wanna go!


of all the food you mentioned, only the puri/poori and the pomegranate seeds seem familiar.

i like poori, served either with potato dhall curry, or dipped into the tangy, spicy fish curry.

i never knew those red, jelly like seeds are from a pomegranate's. they're called 'sek lau chi' in Chinese, and we commonly include them in desserts.


The ONLY time I have ever gotten sick in India was from the bad food at the "Business Class" airline lounge in Calcutta right before I got on the plane. I got mildly sick. My friend I was traveling with got very sick. So watch out for those planes! Those look like some good chaat though - mmmmmmmm.....


I love the photo of the man in front of the turquoise wall. The atmosphere you describe (ie. all the hooting) is just what prevents me from taking more people shots when I travel! But the chaat photos are making me want to jump on a plane. I love your blog, which I've been reading for quite a while. I hope you don't mind that I've put a link to it on my blog.


Deb - I saved a few shotts just for you!

Diane - This was my second 'plane incident'. If it had not been a late night flight I probably could have skipped the food and avoided the whole 'problem'..luck of the draw. I faired better from the vendors on the public bus!

Marie- I agree - I couldn't have designed a better backdrop if I tried.


The next time you go to Delhi: check out some places from this blog.

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