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Looking forward to the many photos that are sure to come! Have fun. :)


Cant wait for the pictures, please...please post many of them as been wanting to visit Sulawesi for the longest time!

Pelin Demireli


can not tell you how i wish i was there...sounds so mouthwatering, towels won't help:)
please eat drink, snorkel for me too.
i almost made it to sulawesi in 2008, still on my mind. enjoy and thanks for sharing, thanks 2 blogging.


Great write-up on Dave's work and EatingAsia in the Travel Photographer. Way to go and keep it up, Dave!

Hotels in City Centre

Nice picture, expecting a lot of those from you.


Thanks Katie - we are (having fun)!

Sputnik - photos coming. Tried to post some tonite but speed too slow.

Pelin - no snorkeling ... we are spending our entire time in Toraja. Snorkeling maybe next trip. We have wanted to be here for the longest time. Happy to have finally made it. And it won't be our last trip to Sulawesi, that's for sure!

Thanks bayi, as always. You're a supporter from way back...

KF Chan

Hi Robyn,

Did you guys manage to try some Kopi Luwak?

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