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Joseph Hayes

Fabulous, evocative story, and great images, as usual.


Very inspiring! You have done Sulawesi coffee justice!


what a story!! i have a caffeine buzz just from reading it. beautiful photos, and i can almost smell the roasting... thank you for a wonderful trip to sulawesi.

Lady Macaron

Wow i hope both of your coffee trips will bring more joy to go back to Indonesia in the future. I am indonesian and I love our coffee. I especially love the 'bakoel koffie' brand, but of course Toraja is very famous there. All the great times to come on your trips and enjoy all the morning coffees to come!

Wee Chuan

Any chance for coffee lovers like me to try some of the Toraja coffee if you will spare me some? Or we can meet one day in KL.

About Coffee[s]

Wow. Really nice article, and awesome photos. It sounds as though you had quite a trip. Would you say that is one of the best coffee destinations?


Dena, Joseph, Sputnick - Thanks.

Hi Emmelyn - we've also had Bakoel Koffie, and I find the roast too light for my taste. I prefer the darker roast that we found on Sulawesi. A matter of personal taste! I've always been a dark roast coffee drinker.

Wee Chuan - we have connected.

About Coffee - definately.

Account Deleted

I have taste, the toraja coffee's, as in this story, 2 fine cup at 'manalagi' Rantepao, good taste.

Marissa Chew

Hi, just wanted to let you know that I finally got a chance to visit Rezeki last week while in Sulawesi on holiday. This post made an impression (thanks for writing and taking the wonderful pictures) and I knew that if I was ever in the area, I'd want some coffee from Rezeki. Between me and three other friends, we bought more than 6 kg of coffee. It tastes amazing!

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