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Wow, that's so interesting - I love your photos and I especially love seeing the food in all stages - from the harvesting to the cooking and eating.


I am speechless, what a fabulous post and the food looks incredible.


I just discovered your website yesterday. I had to immediately check out all of your Taiwan posts. I lived in Taiwan for a year in 1994-1995. I was just 21 and volunteered for the 12 months I spent in Taiwan. 6 months in Hsin Dian (a suburb and Taipei) and 6 months in Feng Yuan (just outside Taichung). I often think about my time in Asia and love being reminded of life there. Especially the yummy food. I was lucky to live with 2 Taiwanese families, so was able to eat authentic Chinese food my entire stay. So many memories come back when looking at your wonderful photography and descriptions of the food. When living there I was often asked if there was anything I did not like to eat. My only response was tofu. It took me about 6-7 months to start eating it and of course now it is a mainstay in our vegetarian household. But I do remember being taken to one of the night markets in Taipei and eating at the famous stinky tofu restaurant. This was prior to my tofu conversion so I stuck to the deep fried tofu and managed okay. Oh, and seeing the post on fan chie gi dan. I loved this dish. My Taiwanese mother made it all the time for me and her 2 small children. I am so excited to have come across your blog and will definitely be checking in often.


Got to be a serious contender for post of the year when the awards come around. Utterly brilliant.


What a beautiful post. So thorough and covering so many different things! Love all the food pics of course, but I also love the pictures and stories of all the harvesting of the crops.


Thanks to Robyn and Dave, another great read and visuals.


I remember Meinong only by their rice noodles in soup!

Robert Liang

It's really eye-opening even for me, a Chinese living in the mainland although the houses in Meinong is similar to those in the southeast of Fujian province.

This post is definitely a journal. It's detailed. Thanks for sharing.

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