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Eurasian Sensation

I'm still trying to decide whether "dange fever" is a clever pun or an excruciatingly bad pun. Brought a smile to my face nonetheless!

I do love the way that Southeast Asians can make a million different varieties of cake from little more than rice, sugar and coconuts.

My Taste Heaven

Hmm, the dange looks yummy! To me, the look is like chocolate cake :)


I wonder if you can find these here in Sarawak.


Just got back from Sulawesi! We stopped once for some dange...Wish we stopped more. It's good stuff. I was curious how it seemed there was some kind of "dange district" on the stretch of highway going out of Makassar. Here's a short video:

Selamat Datang di Makassar

Hahaha...accidently came across this page and found a very familiar word. I'm from Makassar, Indonesia and dange is easy to get here. Well, yous should make some review about Makassar food. It's one of many reason i love living in Makassar. In fact, i wrote about it in my blog. Please visit me to see more about Makassar.

Blog Paling Keren

very funny name for a snack. "Dange"...but looks delicious...

Penny Smith

Hi Robyn and David - love your site and was hoping to learn more about the clay pots that the dange are cooked in. I'm a potter currently researching the use of traditional clay cooking pots from around the world. Hoping to plan a trip to Makassar (where one of your readers says dange is well known) and am hoping to find out where the pots are made. Can you advice? I would be most grateful for any info!

Penny ( brunyfirepower)


Hi Penny -- I wouldn't be surprised if they were made somewhere on Sulawesi. There is a similarly shaped sweet on Java (I think we have it somewhere in a post from Jakarta) but the molds are metal. Sorry not to be of more help but I can tell you that if you arrive to Makassar I'm sure you can find someone to point you in the right direction. Quite often these sorts of things are sold at the morning markets (which wasn't going when we were there as it was during Ramadan).
Good luck!

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