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I have food envy all the time and am often straining my neck to see the dishes being served and enjoyed by fellow diners!!!

And when eating a non-shared dishes cuisine, the envy I have for the plates some of my own party have ordered can be extreme!

Luckily, we usually go out with friends who like to share round tastes!


Looks absolutely yummy - I love assam fish! Okay, am jumping on the plane to Penang next weekend :-)

Robert danhi

I miss Penang, top 5 food cities in the world for sure!


scrumptious stuff. this is the type of outlets that only the locals would know of.
not the over-hyped Gurney Drive stature for sure.


"Three-story pork"? That's a good one!! It always tickles my funny bone to see foods/cuts of meats that I only know in Hokkien or Cantonese translated into English! It has that quaint, exotic quality about it, as opposed to just being plain ol' three-story pork that one eats all the time!!


The dishes you have described have made me deliriously hungry and envious. Time to get back to Georgetown.

550ml jar of faith @minchow

I grew up with a father who had no qualms about peering over shoulders of random strangers to scrutinize their food, and then hastily change or add on to orders. I cringed when he did it but now I find it rather endearing; no opportunities to eat well go missed!


Another great post, Robyn. The cooking style is definitely homecook. The prawn dish looks like how my mum would cook. In Hokkien, it is called "Asam Heh" - a typical Nyonya dish.


This is just brilliant! I have long missed this kind of food! So jealous!

Wee Chuan

Robyn, If you looking for a nice Teochew steamed fish, check this,


It is very near my house @ Klang & the fish is placed on top of a charcoal stove with a big bowl of soup to continuosly top-up to avoid drying up.

Rasa Malaysia

Robyn - you are killing me with this post. I practically started drooling at the shot of asam prawn and then the gulai tumis fish! All the dishes look really good and looks like the real stuff. I am not sure if I eat there because I don't remember the name of the shop but location instead. This looks like it's much better than Sin Kheang Aun, I can tell from the pictures! Your verdict?

Rasa Malaysia

Oh, I think I saw some bunga kantan bits floating in the gulai tumis fish, right? I miss bunga kantan. :(


this is why i visit this blog often, real food education.


i must find some bacon candy in Klang Valley!


You eat the shells of the shrimp? GAG!
Very nifty site you have here..

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