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will have to check this place out next trip :)


hi there, my all time favourite laksa at Khean Hooi Restaurant in Perak Road, opposite the Sum San Primary School. operating hours are short...like noon to 16:00 hrs and the pots are empty.


The dessert should be Ice Jelly or Ice jelly cocktail (with canned fruit), we have version of it in Singapore and it's usually with Kalamari lime...One of my fav local desserts, refreshing and made for the tropics!


I have always wanted to try this laksa! The dessert is call O Kio :)


truth be told, the only asam laksa (that's what we call them, in Malay) i vaguely rmbr to be good was the one in Ayer Itam market. dirty, but memorable. but that was my one and only visit.

i've since stayed away most laksa. there's one near Sunshine Square near PISA (sorry, it's been years!) that's rather good, at a shop named BB or something.

the dessert in Cantonese is called 'Wan Tau Long', or Ai Yi Ping Jelly, if i'm not mistaken.

Account Deleted

To me, it looks like it's missing the shredded banana flowers. But the fact that it's thick with fish makes it a winner. I'm salivating.

When are you guys coming back to Kuching?


my fav! not the laksa but the dessert. u can catch her on Chulia St in the evenings.

K L Chong

The desert originates from Taiwan and is called Aiyu jelly.

To make your own Aiyu jelly

Rasa Malaysia

Most Chinese laksa in Penang is sweet, but give me a bowl of laksa--whether or not it's sweet, I still love it to death. Sometimes, I do opt for the Malay version of laksa, commonly found on the coast of Tanjung Bungah and also Bayan Lepas's coastal highway. I think the best laksa is found in small neighborhoods, such as the one in Jalan Tengah, Bayan Baru. Sold by Chinese, it is sour and spicy, with just a bit sweetness.

Pattabi Seshadri

You're so right, the best food stalls have poor signage and middle-aged staff! Reminds me of this tiny chi tuey stall I used to go to in Taipei, where the 60 y.o. proprietor would point an old, dusty table fan at the chicken to circulate air around it. Best leg of chicken I've ever had.


The dessert stall has been there for at least a decade, I remember eating there in uni days :) Can't wait to go try the laksa there, it always looks packed.


Brings back great memories as I was in Georgetwon last month. The food there was amazing - wish they made soups like this over in the UK!!

Thanks - http://onceuponathyme.wordpress.com


I love ice jelly! But I like the sea coconut dessert more! If you have a chance, you have to try it!


i love asam laksa to death too. fortunately have a malay friend here in Indy that makes pretty mean laksa with canned mackerel!!! growing up in the early 70s in perak we had this indian guy selling laksa all over kuala kangsar's remote villages. for 20 malaysian sen we got a bowl full of yummy laska as our daily snack!!!!!! i can't help but to compare this to my kids very unhealthy snacks of today :(


You wrote:

"Isn't this amazing -- after four years of steady street eating in Malaysia we're still coming across unknown-to-us specialties..."

I grew up in Malaysia, lived there until I finished Form Five, and still discover unknown-to-me specialties from time to time :-) . Am I just biased, or would this be impossible in any region of the world other than Southeast Asia?


Thanks all, for info on the jelly treat.

Preeta - Hmmm. I might broaden that to Asia in general, so that I could include Taiwan and India, which are also home to amazing street food scenes!


Can't get good asam laksa in Melbourne so I made some instead!

Marts Aziz

Laksa should be sour and not sweet, and fresh fish should be used instead of canned. The broth must be thick as well(with flaked fish) not thin and watery.

Suddenly craving for laksa after reading this.


Assam Laksa, what a classic. Got to be on my Top 10 Desert Island Dishes list. Have to say that we quite like the Air Itam version and usually have to eat at least one bowl there when in Penang. What do you think of the Siamese Laksa at Balik Pulau?


The best assam laksa that we've had, the one that stood out even after all these years, was from this hawker stall on mainland Butterworth, on the corner of the former Chung-Khiaw bank along Jln Bagan Luar- rich, super-flavorful broth with chunks of mackerel and optional servings of fishballs. And the ice kacang stall next to it was mighty good too. I can't wait to have laksa - Penang assam laksa (none other can compare) when we visit at the end of the year! We will definitely check out the stalls at Weld Quay. Thanks for the recommendation.

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