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Oh Robyn ! You really know how to tempt us !


Looks fantastic, thank you - making notes for my next trip to Penang - sadly not until Easter 2010 !


I have not had Lor Mee in ages. I hope you will find homes for the puppies. My last trip to Penang was in 2004. The island has not changed much. Do you own a place there?


another great post -- I spent a short time in Penang and I really appreciate your pieces. They bring me back. You feature the best dishes and spots, and the writing and photos (which I must admit I wish the close-ups weren't always tilt-shiftey because I can't see the surrounding detail) are as good or better than anything else on the web -- big thanks to you.


I went to USM 30 years ago. This brings back such fond memories of Penang. Thank you for educating and sharing your finds.


there;s this rather famous lor mee-hokkien mee mash-up combination on Jln Burma, that only opens at night i believe.

thats the ONLY Lor Mee i like, for I'm no fan of sticky, sloppy noodles. yikes ...


Borneoboy - Penang is served by no less than three Malaysian airlines. There must be dozens of flights a day. So what's your excuse? ;-)

Paul - The good news is that I'm 99.9% sure that all these places will still be around then. Hope you're setting aside sufficient time for all the must-eats!

Meng - no, unfortunately. But we've had a fair bit of work there in the last couple months and are fortunate enough to be able to stay at a friend's house when we get up there on our own steam.

ska and skinner - you're very welcome. skinner, I'm sure the photographer is noting your words on the photos.

J2Kfm - that sounds interesting. Next trip, perhaps. These aren't at all sticky, just saucy. And maybe a bit sloppy. What's wrong with sloppy?!

Grace A

"No wonder this lor mee stall is still going strong after almost half a decade"

do you mean century?

Rasa Malaysia

What I love most about lor mee is the garlic sauce.

Lor mee originated from Xiamen/Fujian. When I was in Xiamen a few years ago, I saw the exact same thing, albeit less "polished" than the Penang version. :)


Grace - yes I do. Thanks for pointing that out.

Bee - Yes, it's a Hokkien dish.

550ml jar of faith @minchow

I'm on the fence about lor mee. I love the flavour, not so much the texture and consistency. Hmm is KL Hokkien Mee the closest thing you can get to a less sloppy version of this?


Hi Robyn. I was in Penang for a short visit last year. Only 4 days, not enough time to try everything. Planning a trip again next year, but not sure yet as I also have plans for Chiang Mai, Bangkok and Shanghai.

I've tried the lor mee at our local Old Town Coffee outlet but it's just not the same.


It looks like the thickness of the sauce might be something akin to the one you get on Thai rad naa. Does that sound about right? If so, I'm definitely going to seek this out next time along with a nice iced coffee!


god, i'm from penang and i didn't know about this place, thanks!


I am so delighted to have found eatingasia; my husband and I have a Malaysia/Thailand trip planned for the month of November and my anticipation increases with every post I read and every photograph I admire. Thank you so much!


Lynn - Thanks much and best wishes for a delicious visit to Malaysia!

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