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Lucie J.

soooo cute!


Oh, I wish I can adopt them. Fantastic photos and puppies so adorable with beautiful eyes.
What a wonderful thing you are doing here in Penang during your visit, and trying to find good homes for them.


I have puppy fever so bad you can't believe it. You sure you can't deliver to WI?


ahhh. cute puppy pictures. I foresee a surge in traffic!


If I could afford to buy those puppies a first class ticket to San Diego, I would. Beautiful little girls and it's so great of you to look for homes for them. Almost any dog will make a great pet... it's all up to the owner.


I wish you could deliver to Tokyo! Not sure my husband would agree... Gorgeous photos, as always!

550ml jar of faith @minchow

Gorgeous!! I hope they find homes soon! Ohh the pain of living in a condo!

Eurasian Sensation

I must admit when I saw the title "Penang Puppy Party", my very first reaction was a shudder. Think about it... a food blog... puppies... a city with lots of Chinese people....

Thankfully your post is nothing like what I had feared and is hella cute. Good luck finding them homes.


Ohhhhhhhh. So cute! Tiny noses and paws and floppy ears.

I'm smitten.

Could you kindly deliver to the UK pronto? I want one......or possibly all three.


can I have one please?


We have a rescue dog from Singapore and while she is a daily challenge, she is also love pure and simple. Nothing beats puppy kisses and the joy of seeing a dog sleeping at your feet. Great pictures and best of luck finding good loving homes for these pups!


Ohhhhh my my..... they are so so so cute !!! I wish I could adopt them but too bad I already have 4 dogs at home..

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