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the family portrait is gorgeous :)


nice article. you know more about malay food than I do, really. hehehe .. despite the fact that I'm a Malaysian myself.

been to Langkawi TWICE this year, but no idea about this Siti Fatimah eatery. but we did have lotsa seafood, and Thai food while we were there.



that mango salad is mouthwatering. what a treat.


thanks for the article - very interesting, good to know there's good food in Langkawi!

The Curious Cat

Hmmm looks exotic and tasty...very envious! xxx

Life 2.0

Thank you for including your recommendations of lodgings and a local guide. Often, your travels are off the beaten path and distant, including a line or two about your lodgings make a trip to these places attainable.

Rasa Malaysia

I love Langkawi, especially the north side of the island fringed with cute little kampung. It's still so pristine and beautiful. I have wanted to try SF since I read an article on a travel magazine. Haven't been there for many years. Time to head back soon!!

And congrats on the Tiger's piece. Post the PDF if you have it!!


do you happen to know if it is open during the Ramadan month? Colleague was in Langkawi last week and said many makan places are closed.


the kerabu stuff looks absolutely tempting.

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Lando Joiner

Asian food have always been interesting. We have great cuisine to be proud around the world.

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