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Mm, I can see why you say Georgetown might be the place for us, if we ever make it to Malaysia for a longer stay. Why haven't you made the move up yet? -X

Steve Jackson

Looks fabulous


It's a pity we can't really get chapatis in Kuching, only roti chanai. Nice post !

Rasa Malaysia

Robyn and Dave - you guys should really think about getting a second home in Penang! So happy to be reading about all the great Penang eats here lately. :)


What a great blog this is - would love to make it to George Town, Penang... Keep up the interesting and insightful posts.


great story. Sadly the only way we can get a meal like this is to travel for 2 hours each way . I do make my own now, check it out :)

Yum Asia

Did you try Kapitans in Penang? Wow, this was a great restaurant - very popular and cheap too. Never saw Maj when we were there...maybe next time!

We are still trying to perfect Indian curries...nowhere near yet on getting the chapatis right :(


a case of now you see them, now you dont?
many gave positive reviews on kapitan though.
i got lost, and ended up at Kaliamman.
which is pretty authentic itself.

Mel @ bouchonfor2.com

Clawing at the screen...

Geoffrey Wu

Drooling as I am reading your blog review on Chapatis and where else will you also recommend such delicacy.

I am a fellow food blogger based in Hong Kong and I enjoy reading your blog a lot. Do check out Geoff's Twitchen and happy eating!

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what kind of food is that? Im not familiar in that food really, and I think that is very delicious..

street foodie

Argh! Just arrived in Penang and completely floored by the food choices available here! Theres no chance I'm going to eat everything I want to but I'm going to have fun trying.

Your suggestions look great.

lots in costa rica

That food looks delicious, have you the recipes?

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