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Have a great trip, in case you need any pizza tips: http://slice.seriouseats.com/

Heguiberto Souza

Have fun in America! I love your blog! Been following it for a while and feel like I know you guys already nice writing, incredible pics lol

I would've loved to have met you here in San Francisco. You guys inspired myself and my partner on starting our own blog.

San Francisco has good food! If you have a chance try some of these places, some of my fav:

Slanted Door
Bread from Tartine
Gary Danko

Gosh there are so many....



So sorry the weather is not cooperating here in NY. Don't you wish you were in Penang right now eating a bowl of steaming noodles.

Life 2.0

How do you prepare for the cold weather? Well stay warm and take a lot of vitamin C. I am currently fighting a bout of pneumonia and it is just October.


Forget pizza...go for macarons at the Macaron Cafe 161 West 36th St, open M -F 7am to 8pm. IMHO they are better than the ones at Bouchon.All the staff speak French, so u know it'll be authentic!


Hi Robyn, if you end up in Sonoma County, I'd like to recommend (coming from a 4-time Thailand traveler) a Thai restaurant called Jhanthong Banbua. It's in Santa Rosa (2400 Mendocino Ave). It's pretty much known to be the most authentic in the county if not the whole north bay area. Have a nice time here!


Thanks Simon. I think we're through with pizza for the time being.

Heguilberto - thanks for the kind words! Not sure we have any more days in San Fran but we have enjoyed Zuni and Delfina's pizza in the past.

SKA - kind of. 4 straight days of rain is not quite what we were hoping for, but you could do worse on a cold rainy day in NYC than a trip to Golden Mall in Flushing. Try it if you haven't been - absolutely authentic regional Chinese eats. I'd go back in a minute.

Life - sorry to hear that. Hope you feel better soon. We take vitamins, try to get lots of exercise, and cross our fingers. ;-)

Ah Chris - got his too late. Time in NYC limited now, don't know if we can make it there. It's on the list for next visit.

Andrew - thanks for the rec. Not sure we'll make it over to Sonoma but I'll keep Jhanthong in mind. Anything you recommend in particular?

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