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yup, I agree. the competitor (Nam Heong) may have better promotional strategies, but still .... SYL serves better coffee.


though you should check out Nam Chau's white coffee, and their equally delightful dry curry noodles, Ipoh style.



Seoul, too, has an incredible, nascent coffee culture. I was there a few weeks ago and passed at least two dozen places serving shade-grown, organic, and free trade coffees in a couple blocks. Many were roasting in-house, and you can smell the toasty beans in the alleyways off of Samcheong-dong.

The sophistication of the processes and attention to detail (individual electronic thermometers over the gas burners heating individual pots, for instance) and the amount of equipment these places have is really impressive. The final results were also pretty extraordinary (but quite expensive).

The Insadong/Samcheong-dong area gets my vote for best coffee in Asia. I'm still dreaming about my coffees there (the chill in the air helped too).


I did have a fantastic cup at Fong Da, but I will admit that my coffee exploration in Taiwan didn't delve much further than that. As usual, you're inspiring my curiosity, and making me miss Asia. I'm sending you my airline bills. -X


Thanks J2Kfm -- will do when next in Ipoh.

Thanks Jarrett -- though I will have to take that recommendation with a grain of salt (not necessarily the same salt used in 85C's sea salt coffee). After all, you're the guy who disparaged Malaysian kopi but then sung the praises of Malaysian kopitiam-style kopi in Trang. From what I remember of the latter, it's very reminiscent of the former.

Xander - there's some great stuff in Taiwan. And by the way, it's me who should be sending YOU airline bills, seeing as you're partly responsible for us heading to Taiwan in the first place!


When I mentioned the temptation of spending more time in Malaysia than planned, I had Ipoh in mind, so thank you! We aren't going to skip Chaing Mai, but I will do all I can to see Ipoh (the photogenicity alone!) even if just as a daytrip from KL.

That coffee sounds sublime.

Lisa in Toronto

Thanks for the link to the article. I was curious about the vacuum process, and never understood it well before.
I am sending a proxy to sample the Taiwan coffee next week.


Bestill my beating heart! Oh, Ipoh, Ipoh, and white coffee! On the same street as Sin Yin Loong is Thean Chun (the "House of Mirrors"), where we used to eat weekly at one point. This was more than twenty years ago, so I can't vouch for the quality of the food now, but back then it was spectacular, particularly the kuay teow and the caramel custard.

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I recently traveled to New Zealand and I was floored that espresso was taken really seriously over there. I never had a bad shot or a bad espresso drink. Even the worst weren't bad, just not great. Here in San Diego, espresso can be really hit or miss... the baristas either know their thing or they really don't, so it was nice to be in a place where most baristas knew how to pull a decent shot.

Herb Holmes / L.A.

Great Splendid Table this past weekend. I am very interested in learning how to roast coffee beans with butter (and with or without sugar), making white coffee and the recipe for the cream sponge roll you've got on your site. Other ideas too. Please send your email address so that we can communicate directly
"Off Blog." That was a delicious interview.


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