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That's one benefit to being short. I rarely have trouble maneuvering into spaces-- that said, I've never attempted to have lunch under a temple's stage before. -X


I was just thinking from the first picture that I could never squeeze in there and enjoy any food. But the last picture makes it look a lot more manageable. Sorry you missed her meatballs!

A Lil Fat Monkey

Oh wow. I wouldn't missed it for anything either even though the food's just mediocre. This alone is what traveling is all about. It's about discovering a whole new dining experience!

Katy Biggs

This reminds me of back in my childhood back home, the most common place used for wedding banquets was at building sites (apartments/offices block under construction) - sheltered, spacious, minimum charge, no mopping the floor after service and the builders having a day off! -all that is to do was hiring a mobile catering company and everything taken care of. That was some 40 years ago though and been to a few!!


Everyone would come out having bad back. Or neck ache after the bowl of Yen taa fo.
So that's what Yen taa fo is. I rmbr in Bangkok, they spelled it as Yen Tah Four.
wondering what in the world ....

Eurasian Sensation

It's an example of the ingenuity and ability to make something out of next-to-nothing that you see all the time in the poorer parts of Asia. In the West, with our heavy regulations covering every aspect of life, you couldn't see something like this - some Occupational Health & Safety inspector would shut it down.


Oh my - that's fantastically cute and Hobbit-y - and the noodles may not have been much cop but they look scrumptious!


Hi Robyn. Just saw your feature in Expat Mag. So now I know what you look like. Was that photo taken in your own library ? Lots of tasty cookbooks !


Xander - :-)

Jennifer - If we were back in Songkla and she had meatballs, I'd certainly give them a try.

ALFM - definately, the experience was worth it.

Katy - that's fascinating! Thanks for sharing.

J2Kfm - I can't say I've ever had a bowl yen taa fo that I loved, frankly. It's usually a bit on the sweet side for me.

Eurasian Sensation - that is very true.

meemalee - I love that ... 'Hobbit-y'. Spot on!

borneoboy - Ugh, I don't love that photo, taken at the end of a long, tiring day. Yes that's in our house ... and that's a small fraction of my cookbook collection!

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