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A CIA trained chef selling street food. Tha's a trend I would like to see in other parts of the world !Imagine the road side nasi lemak taken to gourmet levels !


Imagine a roti bakar truck driving around your neighborhood. Or a rolling tandoor. The possibilities are endless.


I Love it. Good food does not always come from CIA trained chefs (why do you never see them smiling? they are too serious)Glad to see that we a realizing good food comes from old ladies in street markets not from cranky prudes in tall white hats.


Borneoboy -- Frankly I would put much of the street food I've eaten over the past years, prepared by dedicated folks with no formal training, on the level of grub prepared by CIA chefs. But there's always room for innovation.

Nate - so true. I think the possibilities are only beginning to be explored. It will be interesting to see what the American truck food landscape looks like in, say, 15 years.

Chris - Actually, the chefs in tall white hats that I met at CIA were anything but prudes (this is a major culinary institution that devoted an entire conference to street -- and comfort -- foods, after all) and seemed to smile quite easily, so I don't want to paint professionals who've earned degrees at top culinary academies with a broad brush. But on one point we agree ... good food does not always come from Michelin starred restaurants. As anyone who's eaten on the street in SE Asia can testify to!

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