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An excellent article Robyn. I love Turkish food and now I really want to go back. Hmm... might make kofte for dinner now


Oh man, what an awesome look into Turkish cuisine. There is a world of flavor right there in that one country!


Thanks for this article, he is certainly an inspiration and I agree with you, it is obvious that he really enjoys himself while cooking.


Thanks Honey - I do too. And there's so much more to it than is generally known.

Nate, thanks. There definately is. How many people, I wonder, realize that dried corn and corn meal are major ingredients in some regions? The place is amazing.

Hi Ilva, nice to hear from you. You're welcome. He's inspiring.


Hey cool! One of our favorites, though I gotta say, he makes an Adana kebab seem a lot more exotic than it is, in reality.


wow, what a great quote.


Great blog and wonderful recipe ideas. I teach on a few cookery Holidays around the world and love turkey and it's foo.I will definitely be recommending this blog to my students.


I was just in Istanbul and missed the opportunity to eat at Cya Sofrasi. I'll be going back one day to try eat there!

Barbara Puccinelli

I attended the CIA Worlds of Flavor Conferance this year. My 3rd in the last 11 years. I am a newcommer to your site, but have enjoyed going back to the beginning of your site. I am just so sorry that I did not know that you would also be attending this confernce. I would have loved meeting you. I did have the pleasure of watching and eating the food Chef Dagdeviren produced with his blades.


Carpetblogger - spoken like someone who can have a kebab any old time she likes, bec she lives there. ;-)

Hi Barbara, welcome to EatingAsia. Hope you enjoyed the conference ... we certainly did!


Where can i find cookbooks on Musa?

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Oh man, what an awesome look into Turkish cuisine. There is a world of flavor right there in that one country!

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