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Oh this looks really great on a hot day ! In Kuching we have a version where they mix young coconut juice with sugar cane juice to sweeten it, and a twist of lime to cut through the sweetness. I always order it whenever I see it.


I must try adding lime juice and palm sugar the next time I have a coconut juice.

The sign on the vendor's cart is quite amusing, Ojo Dumeh is Javanese, meaning "don't show off" :-)

the lacquer spoon

Winter is now upon me in Japan, so I'm missing such an exotic concoction under the hot weather :)

Nancie McDermott

I love the coconut meat scraper, is that a bottle cap on a bamboo stick? Brilliant. This just gives me such a sweet little "tiow" on a busy Friday morning --- a fun escape from the everyday world. And it's free and it came to me. Never underestimate how much joy and insight your writing and photographs donate to the world, speaking from personal experience as a member of the world, reading and gazing on Eating Asia. Thanksgiving was last week, but this coconut refresher reminds me to say I'm thankful for y'all.

Pepy @ Indonesia Eats

In Bogor, I used to have dawegan (the Sundanese word for young coconut) Mixed with cane sugar and fresh iced orange squeezed (es jeruk)


this sounds so simple and refreshing! never thought about adding sugar to my coconut before, but why not? *grin*


mmmm i would adore to have this. fresh coconut, lime? what's not to like? your blog is gorgeous-such beautiful photog.


I love the bottle cap attached to a stick implement the vendor uses to scrape the coconut.


I like the name typed in the coconut seller's vehicle. Ojo Dumeh. That's meaningful, :D

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